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Real talk with Shaleece Haas and Joe Stevens from Real Boy

Traversing the ups and downs of teenage life are hard enough, but when you don't conform to the gender or sexuality norms put in place by typical society, you're in for one rough ride. For young people like Bennett Wallace though, the reward at the end is all worth it.

'Real Boy', a film by Shaleece Haas, follow's Bennett as he struggles to be accepted by his family for what he truly is, as trans man. The documentary shares Bennett's journey, taking you though the last stages of high school and on a road trip, towards his soon to be mentor, Joe Stevens, all in an effort to find his true self.

Jack and Jake spoke with director and producer, Shaleece Haas and musician Joe Stevens.

More info on Real Boy can be found on the website with future release dates and resources for anyone going through transition or sharing the journey:

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