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Aidworks 12 August 2015

On tonights show Rory is joined by Terence Wood. Terence is a Research Fellow at the Development Policy Centre who previously worked for the New Zealand Government's Aid Programme and he recently wrote a piece titled 'Why the SDG's will break your heart'. The SDG's refers to the Sustainable Development Goals which are set to replace the Millennium Development Goals that will expire later this year.

You can read Terence's article in full here:

Why The SDG's Will Break Your Heart by terence Woods

Aidworks 5 August 2015

On tonights show we play a few of our favorite interviews from our old friend Albion Harrison-Nash. First up Albion considers how effective is foreign aid in improving government services in developing nations – to discuss this issue he is joined by Heidi Tavakoli from the Overseas Development Institute which is a Brithis think tank focused international aid and development issues. Next up Albion has a chat with Weh Yoh a local development worker who had recently returned from working with handicapped children in China. Weh speaks to Albion about his experiences as well as the nature of doing aid work in China.

Aidworks 29 July 2015

Chad. His trial began in Senegal on Monday but took an unexpected turn today when it was postponed 45 days after Habré's attorneys did not show for the trial. Hissène Habré is a former U.S. ally who has been described as "Africa's Pinochet." He is accused of killing as many as 40,000 people during his eight years in power in the 1980s. Habré is being tried in a special court established after a two-decade-long campaign led by his victims.

Aidworks 15 July 2015

On tonights show wee look at the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Yemen

- Aid groups and the UN are warning that Yemen is on the brink of famine as the Saudi led attack intensifies. More than 3000 people including 1500 civilians have died in Yemen since the US backed Saudi offensive against the Huthi rebel group began on March 26.

- A Saudi naval blockade has cut off fuel and food supply lines for much of the country – according to the United Nations 80% of Yemen's 25 million people are now in need of some form of humanitarian aid – more than 1 million Yemenese have fled their homes. Stephan Du-Jerique a spokesperson UN secutary general Ban Ki Moon addressed the crisis last Wednesday

Aidworks 8 July 2015

We had an international guest joining us on the show this week. Bec Allen speaks with Weh Yeoh,the Managing Director of OIC: The Cambodia Project. They discuss the wide scope of work Weh is undertaking in Cambodia and the nature of his current visit to currently visiting Australia where he is attending a number of high level meetings.

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