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 Meet Nic, your new host for Breakfast each weekday morning.

He's spent the last 20 years reporting on technology and videogames, but that's all behind him now as he takes over the brekky reins.

You might know him already from his regular segments on a Thursday morning called I Can't Believe It's (Not) News. Or maybe you've heard him presenting Sunday Breakfast on 2SER for the past year.

Or maybe he's brand new to you -- don't worry, you'll get to know him. You can find him on Twitter (@dr_nic) or follow him on Facebook if you're after a dash of snark and a lot of photos of his cat (

In the meantime, you can hear him each morning from 6am as he quietly (or not so quietly) adjusts to the early morning starts.

Tune into 2SER Breakfast, from 6am, Monday-Friday on 107.3 FM for the latest news, diverse, local stories that you won't get anywhere else.

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Sydney's Thriving Darts Scene

There's more to the game of darts than pubs, beer and the booming announcement of a one-hundred-and-eightyyyyy! The sport is a social leveller - it can be played almost anywhere and it has the unique ability to bring people together from all walks of life. Sydney Darts' Mike Plested, a fierce advocate for the game, joined Nic this morning to chat about the growing darts community.

Sydney Darts welcomes throwers of all abilities! You can connect with the community and find your local club here.

The Weekly Feed with Alison from B-Kyu

VN Street Food is the perfect example of Marrickville's Vietnamese cuisine. Illawarra road is a rapidly developing strip, with so-called gentrification pushing out the old and ushering in the new. Unlike other ethnic eats, Vietnamese food is staying strong. Alison from B-Kyu talks to Nic about how pork rolls, bún bò lá lốt and charred chicken is replacing pho and noodles.

Weekly Wrap with Geoff Field

Geoff Field returned to the studio to dole out his weekly dose of news headlines. The top stories included the French elections, Anzac Day, the upcoming meeting between Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull, overcrowded schools and transport, the Fixated Persons anti-terrorism unit and why you can (maybe) swap that yoghurt for a chocolate bar.

The hidden conscription: animals in warfare

ANZAC Day is a great opportunity to commemorate the people who have served, but we often forget about their furry and feathery companions. Camels, horses, pigeons, mules and dogs have all sacrificed their lives in war. Founder of the Australian War Animals Memorial Organisation Nigel Allsopp talks to Nic Healey encourages us to wear a purple poppy alongside our red ones. See for more information.

Are robot cops ready for patrol?

In a move straight out of a sci-fi movie, Dubai will be releasing its first robot police officer on patrol in May. These hand-shaking humanoids are slated to make up 25 percent of the city's police force by 2030, but are they a sign of what we can expect in the future? Dr James Underwood from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics weighed in on the discussion, explaining why robot cops aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Around Town: April 28 to 30

Each week Around Town helps you get the drop on the weekend and find out about some of the great events happening in Sydney. This week: In the House Cult classics have an amazing double feature, join the Fashion Revolution at an ethical clothes swap, get inspired at the 2017 Fitness Show, get scared at the FFS Fright Night and end it with a dog-friendly bite to help out Maggie's Rescue.

Movies Reviews with Michael Jones

Each week 2ser's own Michael Jones swings by to help you decide what new movies are worth watching - and what's worth giving a miss. This time around, we heard about two films. In Free Fire, director Ben Wheatley takes us into a 1970s warehouse for a tangle of gun fire and black comedy. Anne Fontaine's French film The Innocents, on the other hand, tells the more bleak tale of a convent in WWII navigating a seemingly hopeless situation.

Join the ethical Fashion Revolution!

Do you know who made your clothes? Probably not. But it's not necessarily your fault, as a lot of our favourite brands avoid telling us about their supply chains, which are often fraught with unsafe, exploitative working conditions. Consumers have started to demand more transparency from the fashion industry, especially with tragedies like the 2013 Rana Plaza garment factory collapse bringing ethical considerations to the foreground. Fashion Revolution is an organisation dedicated to campaigning for a fairer industry, and as part of Fashion Revolution Week 2017, Nic spoke to Australia and New Zealand Coordinator Melinda Tually.

Produced by Erin Watt.

Building Lego with Master Builder, Chris Steininger

This weekend, the largest Lego Death Star ever built in the southern hemisphere is planned for construction at Warringah Mall. The Death Star will consist of 210,000 standard-issue LEGO bricks and weigh 545kg, so if you really want to make one at home, you can. Second generation Master Builder Chris Steininger called in to discuss the mechanics behind this masterpiece and why Lego and the Star Wars universe are a match made in heaven. May the Force be with you Chris!

We’re not dead yet! The secret to living longer

Despite centuries of thought and research, nobody really knows why we age or how we can stop it. Anti-ageing fads and trends abound, but what does the latest research actually suggest we should do to extend our lifespan? Diet, exercise and the right medications could radically alter the duration and quality of our lives. Dr Lindsay Wu is a founding organiser of the Australian Biology of Ageing Conference and has the latest research into what makes us age and how to slow the process down.

Produced by Rohan Salmond.

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