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Mardi Gras Film Festival: BearCity 3

With the Mardi Gras Film Festival in full swing, we've been looking at some of the great films on offer. Today it's BearCity3 and Nic was joined in studio by writer/director Doug Langway and producers Jay Barry Azzato and Joe Amorin. The film closes out a trilogy looking at the bear subculture and is equal parts funny and touching. For all the info, check out the BearCity Website or the Mardi Gras Film Fest site.  

Weekly Feed

Food blogger Alison from B-Kyu joins Nic to dish up her latest food finds. This week, she's here to discuss the thriving restaurant scene in Wolli Creek, serving everything from pork cartilage to fish roe omelettes. 

Just Words- A new original podcast series by 2SER

2SER is very proud to announce our first orginal podcast series. "Just Words" is based on the discussion and debate around 18C and free speech. All week, Nic has been chatting to each of the episode producers. Today Nic had Emma Lancaster in to chat about her episode. The series will be released with episodes 1 and 2 starting Monday Feburary 27.  

Weekly News Wrap

Kirsty joined Nic in the studio for a roundup of this week's biggest news headlines. The news included a visit from the Israeli prime minister, a Melbourne plane crash and the discovery of a new solar system. 

Oxtravaganza Street Fair

This weekend, Oxtravaganza kicks of in Darlinghurst. A coming together of local businesses that are celebrating the Mardi Gras week. The day plays host to a multitude of different events, from live music to stalls and food, a great time is sure to be had! The day is also raising money for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation. Oxtravaganza kicks off at 11am on February 25th. Check out the Oxtravaganza Website for more details.

Around Town: February 24-26

Each week Around Town helps you get a head start on the weekend with some of the best events on offer all around Sydney. This week, get out to darlo for Oxtravaganza, enjoy some big sounds from the Opera House, support breast cancer research for LBQ women in Marrickville and grab something pretty for yourself at the Adorned Makers Market. Around Town is proudly sponsored by City of Sydney. 

Has TAFE become inaccessible?

Student Alex McMahon's trek to TAFE was nearly enough to put him off study. Cuts to TAFE funding meant his local campuses had discontinued his desired course. Faced with a monster commute Alex chose to pursue his certificate, but how many others have been put off by a poorly funded vocational system? Nic had a chat with Alex to try and understand the frustrating situation of many young people around NSW.

Dictionary of Sydney: The Tragic Tale of Harry Crawford

It's one of the most interesting legal cases in Australian history. Eugenia decided she wanted to live the life of a man. She changed her name to Mr Harry Crawford, found a wife and lived a normal life...or so it seemed. What became of him and his wife is one of Sydney's darkest secrets. Nic spoke to Dictionary of Sydney historian, Nicole Cama to find out about this treacherous tale.

Just Words: 2ser's podcast on 18C looks at angry white men

When do you think is best time to debate what 18C really does for this country? Maybe it's now. This is why we are bringing you our fascinating podcast series, Just Words. Today, news and political junkie and producer Anthony Dockrill talks about his episode which focuses on the high-profile 18C case brought up by David Leyonhjelm.

Come to the “Darknet”...we have cookies?

What do you think to yourself when you hear the term Darknet? Do you think of a hacker in a dark basement, or a place to take part in illegal business transactions? And what are the differences between the darknet, darkweb and deepweb? Nic had a chat to David Hollingworth, the managing editor of PC and Tech Authority to help us learn about the legend that is the darknet.

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