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The DailyFrom nine to midday every weekday tune in for a great mix of music and ideas. We've got 2SER's unique mix of new music running all morning while we take an in depth look into the issues that matter. From science, health and politics to the arts and local news, we've got it covered.

If you're looking for the content before March 2014 you can find it on these pages: Monday Daily, Tuesday Daily, Wednesday Daily, Thursday Daily, Friday Daily.

We The People: The question of the 457 Visa

In a new Monday Daily segment Myles sat down with 2SER News Director Geoff Field, Eexecutive Producer of On The Money and Monday Daily Producer Monica Samayoa to discuss proposed changes to 457 Work Visas.

French Election

Whilst Australians were sleeping soundly last night without a care in the world for the ups and downs of politics, the people of the French Republic were heading to the polls to vote in the first round of the Presidential Election. Joining us to discuss the results is Dr. Jean Jonathan Bogais, associate professor with the school of social sciences.

Producer: Dylan Crismale and Monica Samayoa.

Evolution of Storytelling; Podcasts

Are oral forms of storytelling making a comeback into the main media industry? With the success of S-Town, a new podcast from the creators of 'Serial' and 'This American Life', it seems like more people are tuning into podcasts rather than visual storytelling. Will this be the new form the public will tune in to for stories? ABC Radio Producer and co-founder of Audiocraft Jess Bineth joined Myles Houlbrook Walk, to help us understand the up and coming success of podcasts.

Producer: Monica Samayoa.

Labour Market and the Economy

Although growth in relation to the Australian economy is increasing, this month labour market conditions were weaker than expected, and expectations were that the labour market was already weak. The housing market is a problem, as is the fact that one third of borrowers who don't have a month's mortgage buffer as well as the issue of interest only loans which are the majority of loan types. Underemployment is high and there is a push to part time employment rather than full time. There is also the issue of wages not increasing. Myles- Houlbrook Walk was joined by another friend of the Daily, Tim Harcourt to discuss more. 

Producer: Pascale Freer. 

More than a bit about Bitcoin

By now you've probably been hit up by friends to get into it. But stories of hot stock and lucrative investments have been around longer than 2SER and there is no shortage of tales from winners or losers.
Myles-Houlbrook Walk  was joined by a friend of the Daily and regular business technology expert, author and columnist Paul Wallbank to speak more about this issue. 

Prodcuer: Liane Colwell

Daily Playlist April 21st

"Friday is forever, we belong together // So come on, come on, and don't you say never"

-- We The Kings

This Day in History - 21 April

753 BC, according to traditional history, April 21st is the day that Rome was founded by the the king Romulus. Romulus and his brother Remus came a long way from, according to folkloric accounts, being abandoned and raised by a she-wolf who suckled them to health, although in fairness they were sons of the god Mars. That might seem a little bit far-fetched and it's actually unclear to what extent King Romulus and his brother actually existed or who else might have been responsible for the founding of Rome and other feats ascribed to them...

Produced by Sean Britten

NHMRC updated guidelines to Assisted Reproductive Technology, sex selection

Just yesterday, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released revised guidelines on Assisted Reproductive Technology. Amongst the revised guidelines, families wishing to use sex selection without a nonmedical reason will not be supported by the Australian Health Ethics Committee. Is it unethical for families wanting to experience raising children of both sexes unethical to use sex selection technologies? Joining us on the line now to discuss the ethics of sex selection is Dr Ian Olver, Chair of the Australian Health Ethics Committee.

Produced by Shioban Parry

How UHT milk could help scientists understand Alzheimer's

A study conducted by a team of Australian and international scientists into why long-life milk goes off could hold the key to better understanding, and maybe even so far as preventing age-related diseases in humans, like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and type 2 diabetes. Professor John Carver Director Of the Research School of Chemistry At the Australian National University and one of the scientists behind the research joins us on the line to talk about these findings.

Produced by Anni Lewis

Ed Blakely Talks U.S: Trump vs North Korea

All is well with the friday daily, our US correspondent Ed Blakley is back again Each week I'm joined by our regular US correspondent Professor Ed Blakley to talk about all things going on in the land of the free and the home of the brave, our big brother nation, the United States of America. He's been away for a few weeks now and there's been plenty been going but he's back! We're very glad to have him back and we'd been dive right in.

Produced by Sean Britten


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