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Virtual Spiders

Most reasonably sane people become insane, out of control lunatics when faced with a cute, cuddly little spider.

Most cures for phobias contain exposure to the very thing you fear. With arachnaphobia, you would have to face your fears by being exposed to real life spiders! But that was in the olden days – now, you can be cured of your fear of spiders with not a real spider in sight!

Professor Rebekah Boynton, Researcher of Psychology at James Cook University, spoke about exposure therapy and its presence in virtual reality.

Spoken by Danny Chifley and Professor Rebekah Boynton.
Produced by Victoria Yates.

Playlist: Thursday April 27

Jane Weaver - The Architect
Fountaineers - The Cricketers
The Tall Grass - Moller
Julie Byrne - Melting Grid
Fazerdaze - Take It Slow

Stories from Springfield 38

Stories from Springfield is the newest Simpsons-themed segment on Thursday Drive. It aims to provide a link between satire in The Simpsons and our own real world.

The world is changing. One of Sydney's premiere live music venues has closed down, that's bad. A cocktail bar/mini golf course is opening in its place, that's...ok.

Titanic Exhibition

Most people have an understanding of the Titanic story - it was the "unsinkable" ship that sunk in 1912. It's also been 20 years since the release of the Academy Award winning film of the same name. Now, "Titanic: The Exhibition" is opening in Sydney to provide an amazing historical recreation of what it would have been like to have been on board the fateful ship. Alexis Vaughan, manager of the exhibition, joined us in the studio to have a chat about what we can expect.

MCA Zine Fair

Across the world, zines are quickly becoming an increasingly popular form of creative expression. On Sunday, May 21, the MCA will be holding a zine fair, showcasing the best independent publishing from across Australia. Yaël Filipovic, MCA's Public Engagement Manager, joined us to explain what it is all about.

David O'Doherty Hits The Big Time

Currently touring Australia is Irish comedian David O'Doherty, who alongside a striking resemblance to Irish actor Chris O'Dowd, is known for accompanying his absurdist musings on a 1986 Yamaha keyboard, offering observations on the modern world through the avenue of a strange hyper-kinetic minstrel show.

To tell us what we can expect to see in his new show "Big Time", and a whole lot more, Joel was joined by David ahead of his Australian tour!

Playlist - Wednesday 26th April

The Shinz - Rubber Balls
Woods - Love Is Love
Molly Burch - Try

Cooking On Three Burners - Real Life Baby
Lord Echo - Mokossa No. 3
Ronald Burner Jr. - Whenever
Julie Byrne - Sleepwalker
Bad//Dreems - Pagen Rage

El Michels Affair - 4th Chamber
Witch Prophet - Pearly Gates
ANOHNI - Ricochet
The New Pornohraphers - Play Money

Sarah Bethe Nelson - Out Of My Reach
PVT - New Spirit
Dayme Arocena
The Singing Skies - Mountains
Julie Byrne - Follow My Voice

YAH. - Kendrick Lamar
Future Islands - Aladdin
Clark - Hoova
Spoon - Shotgun

Guided By Voices - Overloaded
Real Estate - Same Sun

Microwaving Your Cuppa: Does it Really Have Health Benefits?

Thought microwaving your food was bad for you? WRONG. Well at least according to a study conducted by Dr Quan Vuong of the University of Newcastle. He has discovered that zapping your cup of tea in the microwave can give you health benefits. To discuss this, Dr Emma Beckett, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from University of Newcastle, joined Drive.


Produced by Cameron Smith

A Cure for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is an often unheard of form of chronic pain. For people who suffer with the syndrome, they often find it in the hands, feet and ankles and there is not a lot of knowledge surrounding a cure for it. On the line now we have Dr. Chris Hayes, Dean of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetist to discuss the world of complex regional pain syndrome.

Produced by Olivia Freeman

LGBT and the Army

Australian Soldiers historically and today sacrifice what many of us take for granted in our day to day lives. But Imagine doing this for a country in a time where your sexual identification is considered a criminal act as well as banned from military service. Researchers are now uncovering these lost stories and rewriting ANZAC history. Tess Connery spoke to Shirleene Robinson, Associate Professor and Vice Chancellor's Innovation Fellow at Macquarie University.

Produced by Mikayla Floriano

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