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Meet your Weekend Breakfast host, Jess

After presenting The Tuesday Daily throughout 2015 and spending every Saturday morning of 2016 bringing you the hottest arts and culture content on So Hot Right Now, Jess Klajman is adjusting her bedside alarm and moving on over to Weekend Breakfast on 2SER!

Jess is extremely excited to wake up with you each Saturday and Sunday - bringing you a bunch of amazing stories, ideas and music to kick off the weekend.

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The $50 Weekly Shop

Jody Allen, the author of The $50 Weekly Shop,  joined the show with a few handy tips on how to make the most of your weekly budget.

Produced by Jess Klajman 

Word of the Week: Secretary

Weekend Breakfast's resident word nerd, Eleanor Harrison-Dengate joined Jess in the studio to teach us all about the story behind the word 'Secretary'. 

Produced by Eleanor Harrison-Dengate 

Genre Disarray: ASMR Videos

Weekend Breakfast producer Josh Cole chatted with Jess about a very sensual series of videos- Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response- or ASMR for short. 

If you'd like to try some ASMR Videos:  

Produced by Josh Cole 

Something Like Summer at the Mardi Gras Film Festival with Davi Santos & Grant Davis

Premiering tonight (25 February 2017) for the Mardi Gras Film Festival, Something Like Summer will be screening at Event cinemas on George Street. Adapted from Jay Bell's successful young adult novel, Something Like Summer follows the tumultuous relationship between two young men Tim and Ben, their romance and friendship and hardships into adult life.

Jess Klajman caught up with Davi Santos and Grant Davis to talk about their work on the film.

Click here for more info.

What's on in Sydney - 25 February 2017

This week we looked at what to get up to in Sydney on a wet weekend.

"Away" play at the Opera House

Spiders - Alive and Deadly at the Australian Museum

Short and Sweet Festival


Produced by: Charles Waldren and Harriet Hope Streeter

Gordon Wood sues the state of NSW.

The death of Caroline Byrne in 1995 at The Gap in Sydney has been one of the most high profile and fiercely debated mysteries in the last 22 years. In 2008, Gordon Wood was found guilty of Caroline Byrne's murder and spent three years in prison before being acquitted of all charges in 2012. The case is now back in the media spotlight, with Gordon Wood suing the NSW Government for malicious prosecution and wrongful imprisonment. Jamelle Wells, a Senior Court Reporter for ABC Sydney, has been following the case closely and spoke with Jess for Sunday Breakfast.


Produced by Chris Jaeger


More information can also be found at:


No Feminism Before 9: misdirected outrage and penalty rates

The shock jocks get riled up over President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Keysar Trad's clumsy comments that domestic violence is a 'last resort'.

Meanwhile more pages are printed by the Murdoch press condemning Yassmin Abdel-Mageid over a naieve but well meaning statement that 'Islam is the most feminist religion'.

Jess and Eliza discuss how the problem with both lies in an unwillingness to approach the intense scrutiny that befalls any Muslim person who makes a gaffe... a scrutiny far more seirious than a non-Muslim would face.

And in all fairness we should be busy getting riled up over the reductions to penalty rates, the loss of income that will disproportionately affect women.


Uber Opportunities: Helping the hard-of-hearing community get to work

With 1 in 6 Australians affected by hearing loss, and a 2008 report stating deaf people are three times more likely to be below the poverty line; Connect Hearing and Uber have a new initiative that could help turn that around.

Lauren McNee, a Clinical Audiologist from Connect Hearing spoke to Jess about the opportunities that the rideshare app can bring. 

Produced by Max Mahood 

Word of the Week - Eistedfodd

Eistedfodd. What is it? What does it mean? Where does it come from? If only someone could tell me! Eleanor sits down with Jess today to discuss the origin of this peculiar word and why its closer to home then you'd think.

Produced by Eleanor Harrison-Dengate

Under The Sun - Claire Monneraye

Yesterday a brand new exhibition opened at the state library - inspired by Max Dupain's 'Sunbaker' photograph taken in 1937, the exhibition features 15 artists' reimaginings of the iconic image. Claire Monneraye, the curator of the exhibition joined us to discuss the exhibit.

Produced by Eleanor Harrison-Dengate

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