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Playlist: Thursday April 20

Belles Will Ring - The One I Used To Know
Sneaks - Look Like That
Sallie Ford - Never Gonna Please
Future Islands - Ran
Tim Rogers - Youth

How Women Gained The Right To Vote

In 1902, Australia became the second nation in the world to grant women the vote, we were only lagging behind New Zealand. We're going to delve into some important Australian History now and have discussion about some of the issues surrounding female enfranchisement in this country. To tell us about it, Matt is joined by James Keating, he is a historian, specialising in Australian and New Zealand history. He is a PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales, studying women's rights activists.

Produced by Joanna Cabot 

Playlist - Wednesday 19th April

Jonti - Scrood
Spoon - Whisper l'll listen to hearit
Sallie Ford - Never Gonna Please
Jason Isbell - Hope The High Road

Here Lies Man - I Stand Alone
Kendrick Lamar - Feel
Ibibio Sound Machine - Power Of 3
Adam Gibson and The Ark-Ark Bird - Roadkill and Roadhouses


If you're anything like most of us you are probably sick paying exorbitant prices to go out and see live music events. So Imagine being able to get unlimited access to your favourite events in sydney for just $35 a month. Edwin Onggo talks to Joel about his subscription based service GiggedIn.

Spanish Film Festival 2017

Now in its twentieth year, The Spanish Film Festival is with us again from Wednesday. Last year's festival proved a hit with fans, with films like "Embrace of the Serpent" and "Truman" helping the festival break local box-office records for the most attended event in the festival's history. Yesterday Spanish Festival director Paulette Arvizu talked to Stephen Hill about this year's line-up of films.

For ticket details and full program list click here.


When you go outside and look up, most of the time, you're looking out into space. And space is pretty big. Like, really big. If you stretched out your arms as far as you can, it's even bigger than that. And with such a huge area, there must be plenty going on. This past week is no exception!

On the line now, I have Professor Brad Tucker, a Cosmologist, who is part of the Research School Of Astronomy and Astrophysics, at the Australian National University, and I'm about to talk to him about all things Saturn, Black Holes, and just how close we may have all come to ending up like the dinosaurs today.

Cultivating Murder

In July 2014, a compliance environmental officer in Croppa Creek found himself the victim of the public hysteria about land clearing laws when he was murdered in cold blood by one of the wealthiest farmers in NSW. The tragic death of Glenn Turner would inspire the documentary Cultivating Murder, about the incident which looks at how the changes to land-clearing laws instituted by conservative state governments have serious ramifications on our nation's ability to meet any form of climate-change targets.

'Cultivating Murder' doumentary lauches tomorrow. Screening and Ticketing information can be found here. 

18th April Playlist

1 Billion Dogs - Jay Som
Cultural Capital - Cable Ties
Baby Doll - D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans
The Singing Skies - Mountains
Future Islands - Ran
Kendrick Lamar - YAH (language warning)
Tangles - Arto Lindsay
Bash & Pop - Anything Could Happen
The Courtneys - Minnesota
Charmaine Burnette - Am I The Same Girl
The Como Mamas - Count Your Blessings
Madlib - The Buzz (Instrumental)
Coldcut ft Roots Manuva - Vitals
Undying Love For Humanity - Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble
Angel Child - Chicano Batman
The Mountain Goats - Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds
Beauty Of The Road - Future Islands
Here Lies Man - When I Come To
Show You The Way - Thundercat
Bravado - Kirin J Callinan
Run The Jewels - Thieves
Sam Gellaitry Acres
Future Islands - Cave
Hey Southern Buster - Adam Gibson & The Ark-Ark Birds
Toby Martin - Correctional Complex

Easter: How Much Does It Really Cost?

In 2014, Australians spent a whopping $191 million AUD on chocolate at Easter time. This number increases 4.5% each year, creating an alarming figure to Australia's obesity epidemic that is estimated at a cost of $120 billion each year. Therefore, the question lies, what can be done to eliminate the increase of obesity around holiday seasons? Brooke was joined by Associate Professor Nathan Grills from University of Melbourne to discuss how we can address this issue.


Produced by Brooke Taylor

Social Media's Like Culture: Are We Obsessed?

While social media holds many purposes, there seems to be an obsession with oversharing and popularity to gain more followers and likes. This like culture allows for us to subconsciously marketing ourselves online and present a false perception of what our life is like. However, the question lies whether we have become obsessed with our own online presence? Professor Axel Bruns, ARC Future Fellow at Queensland University Technology joined 2ser on the line to discuss the effects that oversharing online can have.

Produced by Brooke Taylor

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