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Playlist - 28th March

Carnival feat. Randy Valentine + Soils - Mista Savona
Winner Take Nothing - Dirty Projectors
Romanticized Catastrophe - Sallie Ford

Youth Underemployment At An All Time High

Youth underemployment is a big issue that you may not think of often. It affects many young Australian's, probably including the young person who just served you at maccas, and it also impacts the older generations.

Farrah Farouque joined Lucy Ross on the Drive Show to discuss youth underemployment and its effects on young Australians.

Produced by Olivia Freeman

Lolly Lowdown - Kellogg's Apple Jacks & Freeze-Dried Ice Cream!

This week on the lowdon, Bryce, Nash and new-recruit Natalie give you 4-1-1 on a 'breakfast cereal' with a whopping 44% sugar content! The team also give their thoughts on the various pros and (many) cons of eating astronaut food on earth!


Look Mum No Hands! Future Driverless Cars

For the first time in over a decade, the number of fatalities on Australian roads has increased.


According to a report from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, 2015 saw road the road toll increase 24% to 390 deaths in NSW alone. Overwhelmingly, at the heart of this issue is human error, with some estimates putting human factors as the cause of over 90% of road accidents. Self-driving cars promise to fix all that! But we aren't there yet!


Bryce talks to futurist Ross Dawson about driverless cars!

Playlist: Thursday March 23

Jonti - Scrood
Homeshake - Every Single Thing
Sallie Ford - Never Gonna Please
The Tall Grass - Moller
Real Estate - White Light

Stories from Springfield 35

Stories from Springfield is the newest Simpsons-themed segment on Thursday Drive. It aims to provide a link between satire in The Simpsons and our own real world.

In this episode, we unequivocally answer the question, has earth housed alien life forms?

Sisteria - A Podcast For Women, By Women

Sisteria is a podcast dedicated to exploring the female experience - specifically, the experience of women as creators and consumers of art. Stephanie Van Schilt, who co-hosts the program, joined us to explain what it's all about. 

Embracing the bots: the rise of direct-to-consumer marketing

You might've heard about the prospect of computers driving us to work in the not-so-distant future, with driverless cars steadily coming to fruition - but now, the tech revolution is coming to advertising. Researchers are speculating that by 2020, around 85% of customer interactions will be managed by artificial intelligence instead of humans. The advertising industry is steadily being reshaped - but what does this mean for consumers? To discuss this, Matt was joined by Kate Letheren, Postdoctoral Research Fellow from the Queensland University of Technology.

Playlist - Wednesday 22nd March

Alchemy - Wilaris K
Never Gonna Please - Sallie Ford
Nowhere - The Singing Skies
Si Fly - Letherette
Miffy's Simplicity - Regurgitator

This Week in Sport (with Joel Cassim)

Joel is back with his regular sports update, but today, there is a twist. He's done some preperation! That's right, today we were blessed with a brand new intro! 

If that's not enough for you, the boys also talk about the start of the AFL season, and what the hell is happening down at Tigers HQ. Enjoy! 

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