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Meet your Weekend Breakfast host, Jess

After presenting The Tuesday Daily throughout 2015 and spending every Saturday morning of 2016 bringing you the hottest arts and culture content on So Hot Right Now, Jess Klajman is adjusting her bedside alarm and moving on over to Weekend Breakfast on 2SER!

Jess is extremely excited to wake up with you each Saturday and Sunday - bringing you a bunch of amazing stories, ideas and music to kick off the weekend.

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Computers in Prisons

We all know the internet can provide all sorts of services cheaply. Queensland and the Northern Territory have introduced computers to prison cells, but New South Wales is lagging behind. The Honourable John Dowd, Community Justice Coalition President, joined the show to tell us more about what can be done. 

Produced by Eleanor Harrison Dengate 

Word Of The Week: Assassin

Eleanor drops by to provide the illustrious and dark history behind the word Assassin.



Produced by Eleanor Harrison-Dengate

Genre Disarray: Bullet Hell

What is bullet hell? Questions answered, minds blown.


Produced By Josh Cole

The Delta Society

Numerous studies have shown the positive impact of pets, particularly dogs, on mental and physical and mental health. Dog ownership has been shown to reduce stress and help people when they're fighting depression and other mental illnesses.

One charity that has harnessed the positive impact of dogs for people in hospitals, care facilities and schools is The Delta Society, and we were joined in studio by Russell Henderson and his adorable furry friend Freddie  to find out more. 

Produced by Chris Jaeger

Forest Life Terrariums

While many people enjoy gardening, it can sometimes be hard to find the space or climate for certain types of plants. Terrariums could be an interesting solution. Dan Nule from Forest Life Terrariums joined the show to describe them for us, as well as tell us about an event happening later this morning in Annangrove in the city's north.

More information can be found here: 

Produced by Max Mahood 

March for Science

The March for Science event will hit streets around the world with people from all walks of life pounding the pavement to demand science and reason in politics. 

Jocelyn Prasad, the organiser behind March for Science Sydney tells us more. 

Produced by Jess Klajman and Gina Maree

Event Guide - 22nd April

This week's theme: Australian History and Culture

Produced by Josh Cole

Osteopathy Awareness Week

Have you ever thought about different ways to tackle pain management that don't involve medication?  Antony Nicholas, CEO of Osteopathy Australia called into the show to help us understand the alternatives available. 

Produced by Jess Klajman 

Word of the Week- Easter

Weekend Breakfast's resident word nerd, Eleanor Harrison-Dengate, enlightened us all about the origins of the word- Easter. 

Produced by Eleanor Harrison-Dengate

Genre Disarray- Powerful Candy

It's time for a special, sweet Easter edition of Genre Disarray, even on Easter Josh Cole can't keep himself from telling you all about the world's wonderful and weird movies, music and games. He spoke to Jess about the eggcelent selection on this week's edition! 

Produced by Josh Cole 

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