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jailbreakWith music, stories and poetry from the inside, Jailbreak gives a voice to prison inmates, their families and friends. It provides information on criminal, prison and health issues as well as connecting prisoners to the community through their music, poetry, views and health messages.


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Strength & Redemption - Tony's Story

This week on Jailbreak, listen to the inspiring story of pain, strength and redemption through family and faith - Tony talks to us about growing up in Cabramatta, and starting over from a young life of drug dealing, gangs and addiction. Music from Tupac Shakur, DMX and Flame.

"The Battlefield is When You Get Out, Because That's When the World is Open to You."

This week our host Brendan talks with Chantu about the intersection of drugs and crime in his life, his experiences moving into a new drug-free way of living, and his plans for the future. Featuring beats from YG & Drake, and Prince, and coming to you from the Compulsory Drug Treatment Correctional Centre in western Sydney.

Kirkconnell Prison Chapel Music Extravaganza

This week on Jailbreak, a music extravaganza raises the roof of the Kirkconnell prison chapel. Listen to the magic of music when you're inside and getting through time. Prison walls shake for 2 days of this inspiring music workshop!!

Chris & Brendo - Kirkconnell Correctional Centre

Beautiful vocals from Kirkconnell Correctional Centre just west of the Blue Mountains on this week's Jailbreak. Hear talent, emotion, connection to mob and culture through guitar and song from Chris and Brendo.

The Life of a Samoan Football Warrior

Listen to how a Samoan warrior's life at top level footie can unravel, and be put back together. Featuring music by Col, both inmates taking part in Sydney's Compulsory Drug Treatment Correctional Centre, with host Bullasista Mere.

Interview and Songs With Folk Country Musician Roger

This week Jailbreak speaks with folk country musician Roger about his life, experience and learning. Coming to you from the John Morony Correctional Centre in Windsor, Roger also sings his own unique tales from the bush.

NAIDOC Interview with Penrith Panther Peta Hiku

The rain didn't dampen the NAIDOC spirit at Sydney's Dawn de Loas Correctional Centre. Inmate Stanley is on the mic for this Jailbreak interview exclusive with New Zealand born NRL player Peta Hiku, who is now playing with the Penrith Panthers.

Jailbreak NAIDOC 2016 Long Bay Special

The spirit and strength of NAIDOC in the system! Mere Bullasista meets the bros and covers NAIDOC 2016 events at Sydney Long Bay.

Phoenix & National Prison Radio (UK)

National Prison Radio is a complete radio station within the UK prison system. A 24 hour grid of programmes are produced at the main studios of NPR in London's HMP Brixton. South London's Phoenix talks to Kate from Jailbreak about the Family Request Show he hosted on NPR, allowing the families of prisoners to send messages and song requests to their loved ones inside.

"Freedom is a must. They can trap your body, but they can't trap your mind."

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Lebanese Australian singer songwriter Ghassan found the Koran in the unlikeliest place- the loneliest cell in the NSW system - in 'segro' at Goulburn's 'Supermax'. Lyrics, song in Arabic and English will transfix your ears and are just as moving and his story.

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