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How do I make my money go further? What are banks really doing with my cash? What are the big challenges for our economy? Who's doing well in business and how did they do it? On the Money is here to delve into your finance questions and unpack the jargon around business, banks and big bikkies. So hedge your bets, monetise your mind and add this asset to your portfolio. Thursday night at 7.00pm. On The Money - serving up finance in one easy bite.

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Cities of the future: getting smart

A Smart Cities forum has gathered to discuss how technologies could improve quality of life in Australian cities.

Urban planners, government officials, academic researchers, city council representatives, and industry experts met to discuss the future.

But how can apps of the future fit into our existing infrastructure?

Please explain - private health insurance

Do you get value for money on your private health insurance?

You actually could be out of pocket by thousands of dollars each year simply by not reading the fine print on your policy.

But what exactly is private health insurance anyway?

On the Money 15 December 2016

This week On the Money: we look to the future to see how technology could make our cities 'smart' and transform the way we connect. Plus, we bring you a new 'please explain' as we break down the confusion surrounding private health insurance. How much money could you save, just from reading the fine print? Also on the show, we investigate what renting means for those approaching retirement.


Do businesses need an online personality?

When it comes to making a business plan, social media is more important than ever.

Social media is all about forming an online personality, and strengthening ties to brand enhancing influencers. 

We discover the world of social media marketing, and what it can do for your business.

Buying now, paying later: Christmas miracle or debt trap?

According to the Australian Retailers Association and Roy Morgan Research, Australian shoppers are expected to spend more than $48.1 billion in retail stores between November 15 and Christmas Eve.

That's a 2.3 per cent increase from the same period last year.

So how are you planning on paying for your gifts? Cash, Credit Card, layby or maybe some other form of 'buy now, pay later' service? We investigate your options.

Taskforce Integrity rolls out around country

Many Centrelink recipients have received letters from the Department of Human Services and the Australian Federal Police, warning them that they could be investigated for overpayments.

The letters have drawn controversy due to their aggressive wording, the use of the AFP logo and the fact that the letters are being sent so close to Christmas.

So are these letters necessarily stern or unfairly aggressive?

On the Money 08 December 2016

This week On the Money: As Taskforce Integrity rolls out around the country, many Centrelink recipients have been warned they could be investigated for overpayments. So is the tone of these letters necessarily stern or unfairly aggressive? We find out. Plus, taking home your Christmas shopping without paying for it used to be the dream. Services like Afterpay have made owning now and paying later a reality, but is it too good to be true? Also on the show: we look at the power of social media and how businesses are building brands through the power of their online networks.

Italy’s referendum putting its economy to the test

Italy is heading to the polls to decide if the Prime Minister should have more authority to make decisions.

A yes vote would weaken the power of the upper parliamentary chamber, but it isn't the only thing at stake.

Italy has faced years of stagnant economic growth, and this referendum has become a test of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's policies.

Does lights out in South Australia put the red light on investment?

Around 200,000 South Australians have experienced another black out.

Critical industry such as BHP Billiton's Olympic dam and the Alcoa smelter in Victoria were also impacted by the outage.

BHP CEO Andrew Mackenzie says this latest outage jeopardises Australia's attractiveness as a place to invest.

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