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How do I make my money go further? What are banks really doing with my cash? What are the big challenges for our economy? Who's doing well in business and how did they do it? On the Money is here to delve into your finance questions and unpack the jargon around business, banks and big bikkies. So hedge your bets, monetise your mind and add this asset to your portfolio. Thursday night at 7.00pm. On The Money - serving up finance in one easy bite.

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Entrepreneurial Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, On the Money is talking Women in Business. Female business operators have grown by 46% over the last 20 years compared to 27% for men. Female business ownership has grown from one in six people in 2011 to one in four people in 2014. Join us for a special panel edition are some of the movers and shakers who are part of this entrepreneurial evolution.

What do farmers make of the GDP numbers?

The latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today reveal that the strong agriculture industry growth of 0.2 per cent has helped Australia avoid a recession.

Nour Azhar asked Fiona Simson – the President of the National Farmers Federation were these figures surprising? And what has led to this growth?

Australian economy avoids recession, booms in final quarter of 2016

National accounts figures released by the ABS have provided a welcome growth figure of 1.1% for the Government.

This avoids a technical recession, as the previous quarterly results were negative.

Has our economy turned the corner? Roderick Chambers asked Dr Nicholas Gruen whether buoyant prices for coal and iron ore could be behind the recent good economic news.

What's on the ACCC's sights this year?

At his latest policy update meeting, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims signalled a greater emphasis on large corporates rather than single issue issues that could be better handled by state Fair Trading regulators.

He indicated he would continue to prosecute via the courts, and aggressively go after transgressors citing recent wins against Flight Centre, and Reckitt Benckiser who's Nurofen advertising breached the misleading and deceptive conduct section of the competition law.

Hans Lee has this report.

Improving Financial Literacy for refugees

Everyone has money issues, whether you're good at keeping it or good at spending it. For refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, personal finances pose their own specific challenges.

An organisation in Sydney called I Am A Boat Person is trying to address those challenges through a Financial Literacy Program for Refugees.

Joining us in the studio to talk about the program is Daniel Haycox, Managing Director for I Am A Boat Person.

Penalty Rate Cut to slash Sunday pay

The Fair Work Commission ruled earlier today to reduce Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for hospitality, and retail workers. The Commission says the cuts could lead to increased services on public holidays and Sunday. The commission said the cuts would could lead to increased services and trading hours on those days.

Martin Ferguson, former ACTU President and Labor Minister who was on ABC earlier today that the Labor party should take a cold shower over the issue.

Roderick Chambers has more.

Rental Blues

In the ten year period to 2014, the proportion of Australian households renting increased from 25% to 31%.

According to a new report "Unsettled Life in Australia's private rental market" that there appears to be a power imbalance in favour of Landlords in todays competitive rental markets. 42% feared a rent increase and 23% feared being evicted

And what role does the notorious real estate blacklist have in the equation?

Amazon effect to spread to Oz?

US retail giant Amazon is set to land in Australia later this year.

Various reports in the media have indicated that the world's biggest online retailer, which currently only sells books in Australia, will sell everything from books and movies to electronics and groceries.

But in March last year Wesfarmers group managing director Richard Goyder warned that unless Australian retailers become innovative, Amazon will "eat all our breakfasts, lunches and dinners".

So are Australian retailers ready for the Amazon Effect?

The Rise of the Co-Worker

Ten years ago, the coworking and communal team building concepts were non-existent.

Today, they are the most attractive development in business - particularly for freelancers and startup teams. From the provision of a dynamic environment to providing resources specifically to fit any industry or any group of potential users, it's no wonder that the coworking space and its flexibilities are so exciting.

Reporter Hans Lee was joined by Taylor Tran, founder of Innovation Melbourne and Tim Mahlberg of the University of Sydney to talk about how the co-working idea has exploded throughout the world and how it could benefit you.

Business Time - Pocketbiz

We are now getting quite familiar with sharing apps now that Uber and AirBnB have paved the way across the world, but why can't this principle of bringing people together in a virtual marketplace be applied to other market challenges.

Well A new app called Pocketbiz allows small business owners to access an ever widening pool of talent, whilst also allowing people to find them and utilise their talent in an app on your phone. So road warriers can be more connected than ever, and founder and owner of Pocketbiz Bernice Ly, describes just what Pocketbiz is!

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