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Government Cuts to Women's Counselling Services

Women looking for professional counselling after instances of domestic violence or rape have been able to access the 1800RAPE hotline thanks to the Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. However recent funding cuts to this service will leave crisis counsellors out of a job and countless women looking for rape and domestic violence support without access to trained counselling services. 

Simone White from the Rape and Domestic Violence Centre NSW joins us to talk about what they are doing to oppose these cuts. She spoke to Radio Atticus from the International Women's Day march on Saturday March 11. 

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Producer: AnnaMarie Reyes, Peter Lwin, Sofia Carvajal


Changing the workplace culture of the legal industry

Lawyers- they're known for being driven and ruthless.

But in an industry where employees are told failure isn't an option, it is unsurprising that they're the second most vulnerable profession to mental illness.

Ellessandra Hills reports.

Greens push for protest exclusion zones outside NSW abortion clinics

The Victorian government has agreed to support a bill for 'protest exclusion zones' around Victorian abortion clinics.

The bill will be introduced before the end of the year, and when it does, it will become illegal for anti-abortion activists to protests outside of abortion clinics.

Now, the Greens Party of NSW has put forward a bill for protest exclusion zones around NSW clinics. But will the NSW government follow in Victoria's footsteps?

Kenji Sato reports.

May: the month celebrating masturbation

Whether it was in an inadequately taught sex-ed class in school, or an accidental discovery – it's hard to forget the moment that you first learned about the joys of self-pleasure.

It is unfortunate then, that so many of us have been conditioned to associate this kind of pleasure with guilt.

What is it about masturbation that makes so many people uncomfortable?

2ser reporter Hannah Southcott asked a porn star, a sex toy inventor and a young man who vividly remembers his sex-ed classes, to speak about their views and experiences of self-pleasure.

Offshore detention solution to boat arrivals - Former Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

The policy of offshore resettlement and detention has been identified by Former Immigration Minister Chris Bowen as the most effective strategy in stopping boat arrivals on Australia's shores. The former Minister recently addressed the Australian Human Rights Commission Public Hearing on Children in Immigration Detention led by President Gillian Triggs. Evidence gathered from the hearings will be submitted to Attorney Generals Office for consideration if agreed to by coming Parliament sitting. At the time of this reporting current Immigration Minister Scott Morrison was under criticism for delaying the promise to move children out of closed detention. There are approximately 1,023 children in immigration detention spread among centres around the country.

At the time of reporting Annamarie Reyes filed for this story before accepting the role of Youth Ambassador Coordinator at Chilout. She now holds this position.

Image by: - Children Out of Detention

No conflict of interest with children detained - Former Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

At the Children in Immigration detention hearing, in NSW, former Immigration Minister Chris Bowen defended his stance on suggestions of conflict of interest during his term. But he did agree that having no separate Legal guardian defending the interest of children detained is a feature of the current legal system that could be improved. President of Australian Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs presiding in the hearing made firm assertions Minister Bowen could have avoided the situation where he acted both as an appointed legal Guardian of children in detention, while simultaneously, making the unique decision of deportation and detention,  she perceives as an apparent conflict of interest for an official of government.

Reporter Annamarie Reyes has more.

Image: Former Immigration Minister Chris Bowen by Annamarie Reyes

NSW's Mental Health Care System: NSW Shadow Minister for Mental Health

Is a one stop-shop for mental health services the way to go? It seems so, following the NSW Government's announcement of the 'LikeMind' pilot program. 

In light of RUOK Day - we take a look at what the NSW Government is planning to do for mental health care services in Western Sydney.

Reporter Matthew Karstunen spoke to NSW Shadow Minister for Mental Health, Barbara Perry.

National School Chaplaincy Program - Where to next?

The debate on whether or not chaplains should be in schools is ongoing, even after its initial loss in the high court earlier this year. 

Following the Federal Government's invitiation to state and territory leaders to voluntarily join the program, funding will still be provided by the Commonwealth but run through the individual states. 

Radio Atticus' guest-reporter Matthew Karstunen takes a look at the developments and speaks to the supporters & opponents of the program.

Image: DSR Group. 

Palestine's future and why the Jewish boycotts Israel

Radio Atticus produced an excerpt of the recent conversation at the Arab Film Festival with Palestinian actor SALEH Bakri. The forum touched on Palestinian and Arabic speaking communities' aspirations as a people,not touched on by mainstream media. We report on the moves to ban a peaceful protest boycotting the Israel Film Festival at its opening in Sydney.  Image: Boycott Israel Film Festival,Aboriginal woman Charmaine and Reporter Annamarie Reyes by Palestine Action Group Sydney

ISIS rejected by Arab Spring and Palestine advocates

ISIS - Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (now known as IS - Islamic State, from its moves to become international) has fanned Islamic fears following reports of forced removals of Christians in Iraq. This coincided with a decree for women to don the strictest form of hijabs and reports of enforced marriages for single women. Radio Atticus gets behind the hype of Islamic fears and finds out whether this is well founded. Also, we find out what's happened to the Arab Spring and how does it impact if any with the developments in Palestine.

Image: Islam and Christian co-existence in Palestine by Mohammad Hemeid and Annamarie Reyes.

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