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Your local current affairs show: Razors Edge focuses on the latest news in Sydney.


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Data Capture Systems and Mapping Technologies

What lessons can private sector companies learn from the land information systems offering geographical data? Adam Roff, senior scientist, gives us his insights on how data capturing improves the way we understand the future possibilities, e.g. driverless cars and remote sensing mapping systems.

Produced by Jesse Begley.

You Decide: Landfill versus Incinerators

A waste treatment plant has been proposed to be built in Eastern Creek NSW, which claims it will produce clean energy from waste that would otherwise end in landfill. The proposed facility has the local community and NSW Greens up in arms about fears the incinerator will have on the surrounding environment.

Produced by Bronte Walker.

Storage of customer data: who benefits, you ask?

Tthe implementation of local telecommunication companies for the collection and storage of customer data has become a security concern when applying privacy setting standards to ensure that it's visibility protects the rights of an individual's safety and privacy. To take us through the details we have Lina Han spoke to Tim Singleton from the Digital Rights Watch.

Produced by Lina Han.

Men and Mental Health

Jesse Begley speaks to CEO of "Top Blokes", Melissa Abu-Mezalah, about the wellbeing of young Australian men.

Consenting Adults: Does Silence mean Yes or No ?

Sexual assault cases have been getting a lot of attention in the media lately. In light of these cases, our producer Ellie Madritsch spoke with Anna Hush, director of FemPower Australia, an organisation that teaches consent and gender equality. 

Produced by Ellie Madritsch.

Keep Calm and Hire a Doula

Have you ever wondered about the alternative practices of natural fertility & birthing? And, have you ever wondered what a doula service offers. We speak with Natural Birthing & certified doula, Virginia Maddock, on the careful preparation for birthing and conscious parenting.

Produced by Hyo-Jin Shim. 

The National 2017: New Australian Art

The art lovers are in for a treat. The inauguration of The National 2017: New Australian Art exhibition series would be worth looking forward to this year, in 2017, 2019 and 2021. 2SER FM Razor's Edge team spoke with curator of Carriageworks, Nina Miall on the topic of new emerging and establishing artists.

Produced by Hyo-Jin Shim.

Booze Beach Ban

2SER FM's Razor's Edge spoke with City of Randwick Mayor, Noel D'souza on the permanent alcohol-ban on the Dunningham and Goldstein reserves at Coogee Beach.

Produced by Jesse Begley.

Early intervention services for children at risk

From a national level Dr Wendy Foote, Deputy CEO of Association of Children's Welfare Agencies & Director of Membership and Policy talks to 2SER Razor's Edge on the topic of foster-care programs.

Produced by Hyo-Jin Shim.

Shrek JR: Engadine Musical Society

Ever thought about seeing a green ogre but rather talented soul singing and performing on stage? Well, look no further as Shrek Junior the Musical is due to go live in August 2017, brought to you by the Engadine Musical Society at the Sutherland Memorial School of Arts. Hyo-Jin spoke with musical theatre director of Engadine Musical Society's Jesus Christ Superstar and Oliver!, Meg Day, on what to expect with the upcoming show.

Produced by Hyo-Jin Shim.

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