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Saturday Breakfast

Wake up and shake off the Friday night wobblies with Sophie Ly and start your morning right on Saturday Breakfast!

From 7am, every Saturday on 107.3FM, get your weekend dose of stories, ideas and music with the light edition of news and current affairs and find out what exciting events are happening around town.

Saturday Breakfast is the home of Gaggle of Geeks, #Auspol and No Feminism Before 9 where you can froth on the latest geek news with Blake Howard, bemoan the circus that is our Parliament with Jamie Travers and shame the misogynists and sexists of the week with Eliza Berlage and Van Badham.

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Playlist: June 27

Deep Street Soul - Big C
Master Plan Inc - Try It
Alice Night - Curious Child
Ngaiire - I Wear Black
M. Craft - Dream On
Aaron Neville - Be Your Man
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

Gaggle of Geeks: Independence Day: Resurgence

Gaggle of Geeks is moving to a new home so we thought we'd go out with a bang and chat Independence Day: Resurgence.

Whether you love or hate the original, can't stand the director or think it's just plain stupid, Blake reckons this is top-notch end-of-the-world popcorn movie material and still worth a watch.

Not to mention, two words. Jeff. Goldblum.

Need we say more?

#Auspol: One week til snags + #Brexit

There's only one week left until the dullest election campaign is over and the nation can indulge in their beloved polling sausage sizzle!

While it may be our last #Auspol before the July 2 vote, resident political junkie Jamie Travers is certainly more excited about the snags than the politics.

Speaking of votes, how about that Brexit vote hey? What a time to be alive.

No Feminism Before 9: Footy Boys & Witch Hunters

It's been a big week for the footy boys club as Collingwood Club President Eddie McGuire made a series of non-apologies and apologies after "joking" about drowning sports journalist Caroline Wilson.

Then AFL footy show guy Sam Newman sprayed his distaste about the matter describing the media outlets, including journalist Erin Riley, as 'excrement'.

Last but not least they explored a 'ditch the witch' style campaign launched against Labor candidate Sharryn Howes authorised by Queensland Liberal MP Warren Entsch.

The campaign featuring a picture of the wicked witch of the west claimed, that unlike real witches, you can't get rid of Labor just by pouring water on them. You stay classy men.

Gucci Mane: A conspiracy theory

Our producer Clare came into the studio and brought back Rap Attack, one last time.

She chose to spend her last minutes at Saturday Breakfast talking about Gucci Mane and the conspiracy theories surrounding his weight loss.

It's important listening you guys. 


No Feminism Before 9: dick pics & lady jobs

You could say sex was really on the brains (or nothing much was going on upstairs at all) with some ministers getting in hot water over sexual images & sexism.

Van Badham, Sophie Ly and Eliza Berlage discuss how NT Minister Nathan Barret resigning after sharing a sexual video with a female constitutent, Liberal candidate Kevin Hong posting sexist slut shaming memes.

They then looked into the sinster world of pop up dick pics, as a woman sent a barrage of penises in response to an unsolicited dickture PLUS women working at GOOGLE had an excellent response to a shareholder addressing a question to "the lady CFO."

Playlist: June 18

Wye Oak - If You Should See
Karl Blau - Six White Horses (Waylon Jennings cover)
Oliver Coates - Innocent Love
Whitney - Dave's Song
Wolf Parade - Mr. Startup
Pillarist - Melt

Gaggle of Geeks: Battle of the Bastards + The Last Crusade

Holy moly, that time is upon us. The penultimate episode on Game of Thrones where historically, sh*t hit the fan and left viewers a sobbing mess in their lounge rooms.

Episode 9 on the beloved series has seen Blackwater and The Red Wedding so what can we expect for The Battle of the Battles? Probably more trauma.

For the comic readers out there, head geek Blake also got stuck in the new Frank Miller/Brian Azzarello collaboration The Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade which saw Miller return to his acclaimed series.

Happy geeking!

Taikoz: Chi Udaka

Taikoz the Australian drumming group using the traditional Japanese taiko drums is back with a new national tour Chi Udaka.

Artistic director Ian Cleworth joined Sophie in the studio to talk about this production and how they have developed a contemporary combination of Japanese drums and South Indian classical dance. 

We highly recommend you check out where you can go see Chi Udaka between June 25 and Aug 6!

Playlist: June 11

William Tyler - I'm Gonna Live Forever (If It Kills Me)
Stoney Joe - I Been Around
Emma Russack - In A New State
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
The Brothers and Sisters - The Times They Are A Changin'
The Forresters - On My Way

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