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The Alternative Music Show

AlternativeMusicDedicated to Underground/Independent Music from the 1960's counterculture to the present. Including lost and forgotten music from the vinyl era of the 60's Garage/Punk and Psychedelic movements, The 1970's Punk scene through to the present Punk, Hardcore and Independent releases.

Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

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Radio Playlist June 11, 2014

The Blackbirds - outta space
The Flies - stepping stone
Novakes Kapelle - hypodermic needle
The Rock Shop - is that your halo
The Missing Links - your driving me insane
The Voice - train to disaster
The Dragons- heart transplantation
The Thirteen Floor Elevators - monkey island
Nobodys Children - good times
Los Belmonts -aint got nothing yet
The Haunted - talk talk
The Music Machine - double yellow line
Saturdays Children- born on saturday
The Pretty Things- mr evasion
The Twilights- time and motion study man
The Easybeats- Mandy
Improved Sound Limited- leave this lesbian world
MC5- kick out the jams
A little Bit Of Sound- incense and peppermints
The Chicks- rebel kind
Charlie Brown Generation- fast retreating female
The Smoke - no more now
The Renegades- can't you see
Bent Wind - going to the city
The Open Mind- magic potion

Radio Playlist June 4, 2014

Beachbuggy - killer bee
The Minks - cheat (the clash)
Coffin Break - what do i get (the buzzcocks)
The Dirty Burds - one way streets (the saints)
The Dirtbombs - ode to a black man
Los Dominados - remember
The Ripping Dylans - on the fritz
The White Stripes - fell in love with a girl
Judas and the Traitors - minority rules
The Saints - i'm standed
The Reals - wanna be your dog (the stooges)
Wrong Turn - baby talk
Mink Jaguar - you got the answers
Turbo Negro - suffragette city (bowie)
The Black Lips - boomarang
Green Hornets - Have Love will travel
The Dwarves - strange movies (the troggs)
The Oblivians - happy blues
Messmakers - blacktown
The Urges - your gonna find out
The Hitmen - dirty robber
The Michael Yonkers Band - boy in a sand box
Graf Zepplin - your in my mind
The Black Angels - the first vietnamese war
63 Burnout - 63 burnout
The Detroit Cobras - maria christina
The Pink Fits - pink fit
The Spoilers - fuck this world
The Tactics - sally without john
3D TV - summation of all these burdens
The Purrs - waiting for the asteroid
The Velvet Underground- sister ray

Radio Playlist April 2nd 2014

Magnetix - rest of my life
The Rip Offs - rip your heart
The Shitbirds - you said that
The Fuzztones - ward 81
The Satelitters - make up your mind
Kong Fuzi - breakdown badtown
Billy Childish and Sexton Ming - slap up breakfast
The Mighty Ceasers - baby who mutilated everybody's heart
The Ooga Boogas - rich 'n' me
The Messmakers - blacktown
Mass Cult - dead end jobs
Love Boat - take a ride in my machine
Hunx and His Punx - cruisin
No Bunny - mess me up
The Creeps - down at the nightclub
The Swinging Neckbreakers - I live for buzz
The Original Sins - the partys over now
Acid Baby Jesus - android robot
The Molten Vultures - fire engine (13th floor elevators)
Billy Childish and Sexton Ming - rider on a horse (the doors)
Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The King Hits - oo ee
The Catacombs- you're wild
The Mummies - that girl
Apache - crystal clear
Pipsqueak - my love is like a horse untamed
Pussy Galore - dick johnson
Crash Normal - sleep on the other side dad
Giorgio Armani - stair
The ZooMen - la menace
Hospital - olympic ghost
Sky Saxon and the Seeds - bad part of town
The Micheal Yonkers Band- boy in the sandbox
Pastor John Rydgren
Dirty Filthy Mud - the forest of black
The Turtles - this will be our year
The Man of Mystery - teenage caveman

Radio Playlist March 26th 2014

NRG - i wanna be your dog (the stooges)
Red Cross - linda blair
The Angry Samoans - lights out
The Mummies - red cobra no 9
The Rip Offs - she said yeah
Los Explosivos - the crusher (the trashmen)
The Fuzztones - gotta get some (the bold)
The Escapes - who cares
The King Hits - jack the ripper (link wray)
The Fuck Knights - Primitive (the groupies)
Crime - rockabilly drugstore
Guitar Fucker - fuck me i'm poor
Kong Fuzi - bad territory
Dirty Filthy Mud - the forest of black
Rocky Erickson - bumblebee zombie
Purple canteen - brains at my feet
Forgotten Rebels - the eve of destruction (Barry McGuire)
The Litter - somebody help me (The Spencer Davis Group)
The Link Quartet - an evening with linda lovelace
Phil Phillips - the evil dope
The Reverand Beat Man - bloody fucking cunt
Acid Intro
The Monocoles - psychedelic
The Premiers - get on this plane
The Castaways - just on high (1968)
Jokers Wilde - all i see is you
Pastor John Rydgren - summer wind
The Silver Apples - a pox on you
The Zip Code Rapist - no 9 Dream (john Lennon)
Casee Casem - blooper
White Flag - in the city (the jam)
The Swamp Rats - psycho (The Sonics)
Pastor John Rydgren - the happening
The Retreads - black mona lisa
Red Beard and The Pirates - go on leave
The Spiders - dont blow your mind (1966) Alice Cooper
The Humans - warning
les Goths - turn over

Radio Playlist March 19th 2014

Mu Mesons - Home and away theme
Captain Beefheart - zig zag wanderer
The Pink Fits - pink fit
Pastor John Rydgren -
The Nosebleeds - aint been to no music school
The Dirtbombs - headlights on
The Subsonics - pretty broken thing
The Messmakers- the expert on everything
The Spazzys - my boyfreinds back
The Tandories - floppy johhny please come home
Wrong Turn - one on one
The Hives - main offender
Beach Buggy - sheriff is law
The Illegal Movers - savage (the fun things)
Pastor John Rydgren -
The Headcoats - i want you to come into my life
The Clash - english civil war
The Stems - hellbound train
The Urges- you gotta find out
The D4 - invader ace (guitar wolf)
The Grand Cobra - choke
The Butcher Shop - death plug
Digger and the Pussycats - i want you
Modey Lemon - mr mercedes
Pastor John Rydgren -
The Crucifucks - when the top blows off
The Deadboys- Live Set
The Velvet Underground - i heard her call my name
The Bonniwell Music Machine - Soul Love

The Alternative Music Show

Dedicated to Underground/Independent Music from the 1960's counterculture to the present. Including lost and forgotten music from the vinyl era of the 60's Garage/Punk and Psychedelic movements, The 1970's Punk scene through to the present Punk, Hardcore and Independent releases.

Radio Playlist March 12, 2014

The Haunted - Purple Haze
The Creatures - Ugly Thing
The Lost Souls - whatcha gonna do
Pastor John Rydgren - the happening
The Throb - I need you
Kaleidoscope - colours
The Twilights - time and motion study man
The Easybeats- particular hole in the sky
The Chicks - the rebel kind
The Smoke - no more now
Larrys Rebels - painter man
The Pleazers -security
The Leaves - on the plane
The Smoke - cowboys and indians
Love - always see your face
Bent Wind - Touch Of Red
Syd Barrett - vegetable man
The Gods- hey bulldog
Bonnie Jo Mason - ringo i love you
The Fastelles - zzzzz promo
Minnie and the Kneebones - me and my minnie skirt
Ultimate Spinach - The ballad of the hip death goddess
Society's Children - mr genie man
Arthur Brown - 1967 lp promo
The Frogs- quarter to one
Neil Hamburger - Promo
The Magnetix - Comme De BĂȘtes (france)
Acid Baby Jesus - android robot (greece)
The Sacred Cowboys - New kinda Kick

Radio Playlist February 5th 2014

The Cramps - human fly (DEMO TAPE)
The Bonny Parkers - don't want to see you around
The Angry Samoans - Trip or freak
Jerobeam - playing around
The Detroit Cobras - Hotdog
Jeff Jacks - right now
The Pictures - You'll see
The Mooney Suzuki- In a young mans mind
Ajax and the Cleaners - stronger than dirt
The Mummies - one by one
The Crusaders - no brain no pain
Alec Empire / Gary Burger -Monk Time
Uri Uri - Psych Out
The Early Hours - the girl i haven't met
The Green Circles - Tommorow will be fine
Johnny Casino and the Secrets - I could never love you
Bad Brains - don't bother me
Adrenalin O.D. - Return to Beneath the Planet of Adrenalin O.D. vs Godzilla Strikes Again in 3D
The DirtBombs and King Khan And the Shrines - take a trip
April March - chick habit
Billy Childish and the Buff Medways - I'm a lie detector
The American Ruse - another girl another planet (the only ones)
The Saints - river deep mountain high (live)
The Queers - duke
Metal Mike Alison And Julia - no surf commies
Anna and the Psycho Men- your nothing but a stupid girl
The Meanies - Gangrenous
The Miracle Man - love man
The John Spencer Blues Explosion - shakin rock n roll tonight
The Segar Liberation Army - chain Smoking
The Haunted - purple haze
The Whatt Four - you were wishing i was someone else
The Velvet Underground - she's my best friend
The Crackerjack Society - 1968
New Dawn- Dark Thoughts

Radio Playlist January 26, 2014

The Honeymoon Killers - get it hot
The Henchmen - psycho daisies
Motopsycho - mansons children
Gorilla Angreb - M/S Tampa
The Ramones - swallow my pride
Superdrag - carried
The Straight Arrows - can't count
The Invisible men - this town
The Solarflares - sucking out my insides
The Nitecaps - close your mind
The Shimmies - he's so wigged out
Tyme - land of a 1000 dances
Cosmic Psychos - if you wanna get out of it
The Killer Birds - shock
Long Tall Shorty - shine on me
The Knave - candy
The Phroggs - baby im gone
The Retreads - black mona lisa
The Chronics - slipping and sliding
The Velvet Underground - The Gift
Saturdays Children - you don't know better
The Twilights- once upon a twilight
The Pretty Things - Baron Saturday
The Monks- monk time (demo Tape)
The Hunger - colours
The Cato Salsa Experience - Kick Out the jams
The Voice - train to disaster
Jacqueline Taieb - 7 am
The Dream Syndicate - that's what you always say

Radio Playlist February 19th 2014

3D TV - love machine (Pastoral Symphony cover)
Supersnazz - no escuse
The Oblivians - clones
The Pink Fits - man with no name
The Straight Arrows - can't count
The Monsters- go away and fuck yourself
The Shimmies - go go teen
Gorilla Angreb - m/s tampa
The Primitive Calculators - i can't stop it
Melba - gay day
Feedtime - wagon
Drunk John Lennon - mongoloid (devo)
Sister Gwen Mckay - gwen peeing
The Mooney Suzuki - oh No
Rectoplasm - plumber from lhasa
The Smugglers - keep on dancing
Mary Millington- tinkle tinkle (Flexi Sex)
Judy Carne - sock it to me
The Miracle Workers - wild thing (the troggs)
The Baddies - send me back
Wild Billy Childish - snack crack
Phil Philips - that evil dope
King Felix - oceans of fire (oak apple day)
The Silver Apples- a pox on you
The Stooges - real cool time
Pere Ubu - final solution
Richard and The Creeps - higher and higher
The Pretty Things - featured interview

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