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FourthEstateBannerWideJournalists on journalism. Each week we break down how the media has covered the news using a rotating panel of experts.

Fourth Estate's team are: Jack Fisher, Mariam HusseinRafael Garcia, Marcus Costello and Marilyn Hetreles.

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The Problem with "Insiders", ABC Journo Wi-Fried, Police Cameras

14 July 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate the panel discuss the SBS interview and Leigh Sales tweet that have audiences feeling left behind, the ABC journalist suspended over a report that Wi-Fi caused brain tumours and how car and body cameras are transforming how police violence is reported.

With Lauren Williams (ABC Media Watch), Marcus Strom (Sydney Morning Herald) and Claire Connelly. Hosted by Marcus Costello.

Pauline Hanson vs the Media, Dangerous Ideas, NAIDOC Week

7 July 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate the panel discuss the media's divide over how to deal with newly-elected senator Pauline Hanson, radio's role in Aboriginal language revival and the problem with NAIDOC week celebrations.

With Daniel Browning (Awaye! - ABC RN), Amy McQuire (New Matilda) and Myles Morgan (NITV). Hosted by Marilyn Hetreles.

Brexit, The Very Dull Election Campaign, Impact Journalism

30 June 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss the media's role in the UK's Brexit vote, Australia's dullest election campaign and the impact of Impact Journalism Day.

With Andrew P Street (SMH), Jonathan Pearlman (The Telegraph) and Mark Di Stefano (BuzzFeed Australia). Hosted by Marcus Costello.

Eddie McGuire, Women in Sport, A Current Affair in Nauru

23 June 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss how Eddie McGuire's comments about sports reporter Caroline Wilson took a week to turn controversial, the challenges for women in sports reporting and how A Current Affair became the second Australian media outlet permitted to report from Nauru in years.

With Erin Riley, Brigid Delaney (Guardian Australia) and Brianna Parkins (ABC). Hosted by Marilyn Hetreles.

Orlando Attack on LGBT, Gawker's Bankruptcy, Media's Biggest Battle

16 June 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss whether the media downplayed the Orlando shooting's homophobic element, the bad lawsuit that's seen Gawker turn bankrupt and how media can compete with attention spans with the likes of Candy Crush.

With Shannon Power (Star Observer), Amy Coopes (Croakey) Michael Koziol (Sydney Morning Herald). Hosted by Marcus Costello.

Outrage Baiting, Policy and Identity Politics

9 June 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss whether broadcaster Lisa Wilkinson manipulated Bill Shorten's words to make him appear sexist and whether identity politics have crowded out policy in the news that young people are consuming.

With Allan Clarke (BuzzFeed Australia), Jenny Noyes (Daily Life) and Trisha Jha (Centre for Independent Studies). Hosted by Jack Fisher.

60 Minutes Sacking, Guardian's Rogue Reporter, Propaganda in Australia

2 June 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss whether 60 Minutes producer Stephen was made a scapegoat over a botched Beirut child recovery operation, a serious breach at The Guardian involving fabricated sources, and Fairfax and Sky News' deal to carry content from the Chinese Communist Party's media agency.

With Jess Hill, Peter Cai (Lowy Institute) and Myriam Robin (Crikey). Hosted by Rafael Garcia.

NBN Labor Party leaks, the Right to be Forgotten, Richard Di Natale

26 May 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss the AFP's raid on Labor Party offices over NBN leaks, whether members of the public have a 'right to be forgotten' in having their names removed from old news stories, and whether the media interest in Greens leader Richard Di Natale's personal finances is justified.

With Natasha Robinson (ABC), Max Chalmers (New Matilda) and Josh Taylor (Crikey). Hosted by Marcus Costello.

The need to protect whistleblowers: Adele Ferguson's 2016 Press Freedom speech

19 May 2016 - This week in a special episode of Fourth Estate we're featuring business reporter Adele Ferguson's 2016 Press Freedom address on the need to protect whistleblowers. Hosted by Jack Fisher.

How is the Australian media still so white?

12 May 2016 - This week on Fourth Estate, the panel discuss whether Waleed Aly's Gold Logie win belies Australian media's failure to properly reflect its audience and Fairfax Media's decision to phase out its weekday metro newspapers.

With Sunil Badami (ABC), Monica Tan (Guardian Australia) and Oz Faruqi (MetaPoll). Hosted by Mariam Chehab.

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