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SpaceInBetweenRevolutions in music's psychedelic era from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s to put the bomp n' fuzz into your Thursday afternoons.

Check out the last four weeks of shows below:

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23.02.17 - Netherlands special

Shocking Blue "Love Buzz"

Shocking Blue "Send Me A Postcard"

Shocking Blue "Tobacco Road"

Golden Earring "Chunk Of Steel"

Golden Earring "Don't Run Too Far"

The Outsiders "That's Your Problem"

The Outsiders "You Mistreat Me"

The Outsiders "Afraid Of The Dark (live)"

Q'65 "The Life I Live"

The Motions "I Want Someone To Love"

Cuby & The Blizzards "Window Of My Eyes"

Peter & The Blizzards "Bye Bye Baby"

Peter & The Blizzards "Sittin' In My Room"

The Cats "Sure He's A Cat"

The Zipps "Roll The Cotton Down"

Bintangs "I'm A Man"

Bintangs "Groovin'"

Bintangs "Splndid Sight - Glaciation World"

Bumblebees "You"

Key "I See Your Image"

The Fun Of It "Silly Baby"

Group 1850 "Misty Night"

Group Reza "From Home"

Tee-Set "Ma Belle Amie"

Zen "I've Been Drowned"

Focus "Hocus Pocus"

Dizzy Man's Band "I Don't Understand"

Golden Earring "Songs On A Devil's Servant"

Golden Earring "The Loner"

Mr. Albert Show "Kings Of Galaxy"

Marakesh "Will She Come"

Earth & Fire "Seasons"

Pantheon "I Want To Know"

16.02.17 Country and Southern Rock special

Townes Van Zandt "Hunger Child Blues"

Dan Penn "Nobody's Fool"

Jerry Jeff Walker "I Keep Changin'"

The Flatlanders "The Stars In My Life" (Live)

The Flying Burrito Brothers "Sin City" (live)

The Flying Burrito Brothers "Hippie Boy"

Gram Parsons "Big Country" 

Gram Parsons "November Nights"

Gram Parsons "She"

International Submarine Band "One Day Week"

Gene Clark "Boston"

Gene Clark "With Tomorrow"

Gene Clark "The French Girl"

Dillard & Clark "Don't Let Me Down"

Mickey Newbury "Write A Song A Song / Angeline"

Cowboy "Livin' In The Country"

Larry Daniels & The Buckshots "Buckshot"

Dennis Payne "The Conscience Of You"

The Dudes "Let's Not Pretend Anymore"

Jim Ford "Dr. Handy's Dandy Candy"

Sir Douglas Quintet "You Never Get Too Big and You Sure Don't Get Too Heavy, That You Don't Have to Stop and Pay Some Dues Sometimes"

Sir Douglas Quintet "Are Inlaws Really Outlaws"

Doug Sahm "It's Gonna Be Easy"

Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks "It's Bad Grammar, Baby"

David Bromberg "Sharon"

Area Code 615 "Stone Fox Chase"

Barefoot Jerry "Smokies"

Mason Proffit "Voice Of Change"

Hot Tuna "Water Song"

Tony Joe White "Stud Spider"

Bobbie Gentry "Papa, Won't You Let Me Go To Town With You" 

J.J. Cale "Durango"

09.02.17 German '70s special

Going beyond the better known names, today's show delves deep into the fervent German scene of the late '60s and early '70s. 

La Dusseldorf "Dusseldorf"

La Dusseldorf "Rheinata"

Harmonia "Dino"

Popol Vuh "Steh auf, zieh mich Dir Nach"

Gila "Kontakt"

Krokodil "And I Know"

Parzival "Change Your Mind"

Utopia "Las Vegas"

My Solid Ground "Melancholia"

Message "Thoughts"

Asterix "If I Could Fly"

Gift "Drugs"

Sameti "To My Confidential Lady"

Walter Wegmuller "Der Narr"

Os Mundi "Gloria"

Satin Whale "Six O'Clock"

Nektar "Good Day"

Wyoming "I'll Be Back"

Karthago "String Rambler"

Pell Mell "Friend"

Nine Days Wonder "The Great Game"

Epsilon "Everyday's Pain"

Frame "Cruscial Scene"

Virus "My Strand Eyed Girl"

Midnight Circus "I Had A Dream"

Lily "Which Is This"

02.01.17 - Can special: RIP Jaki Liebezeit

"Oh Yeah"



"Outside My Door"

"Mary, Mary So Contrary"


"Tango Whiskeyman"





"I'm So Green"


"Dizzy Dizzy"

"Full Moon On The Highway"

"Hunters And Collectors"

"I Want More"

"Don't Say No"


"Fall Of Another Year"


"Midnight Sky"

"On The Way To Mother Sky"


"Fizz (Live)"

26.01.17 All Australian special

Russell Morris "The Real Thing"

Zoot "1 x 2 x 3 x 4"

Somebody's Image "Hide And Seek"

Jeff St. John & The Id "Big Time Operator"

Steve & The Board "Giggle Eyed Goo"

The Purple Hearts "Early In The Morning"

The Wild Cherries "Krome Plated Yabbie"

The Loved Ones "Ever Lovin' Man"

The Groop "Woman You're Breaking Me"

M.P.D. Limited "Little Boy Sad"

The Masters Apprentices "Living In A Child's Dream"

The Pink Finks "Louie Louie"

The Easybeats "Wedding Ring"

The Bee Gees "Spicks And Specks"

James Taylor Move "Magic Eyes"

The Valentines "My Old Man's A Groovy Man"

Mike Furber And The The Bowery Boys "You Stole My Love"

The Twilights "What's Wrong With The Way I Live"

The Throb "Fortune Teller"

Python Lee Jackson "Um, Um, Um"

Doug Parkinson In Focus "Dear Prudence"

The Morloch "Time Machine"

The Pleasers "Hurtin' All Over"

The Union "Thump"

Donnie Sutherland & The Titans "No Cheatin'"

Normie Rowe "Going Home"

The Bucket "I Can't Help Thinking Of You"

Madder Lake "12 lb. Toothbrush"

Lachie Jamieson "Hip's Rap" (from Stone Original Soundtrack)

Healing Force "Golden Miles"

G Wayne Thomas "Morning Of The Earth"

Doug Ashdown "I've Come To Save Your World"

Rob Thomsett "Entrance To Warrabool (Part 2)"

Leong Lau "The Atlas Revolution"

Pip Proud "A Fraying Space"

12.01.17 Grateful Dead special

The Warlocks "Can't Come Down"

The Emergency Crew "Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)"

Grateful Dead "Betty And Dupree" (1966 Rehearsal Version)

"Cream Puff War" Live At Filmore Auditorium, 1966

"The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" 

"Cold Rain And Snow"

"Born Cross-Eyed"

"New Potato Caboose"

"Dark Star" Live At Greek Theatre, Berkley, 1968

"Doin' That Rag"

"Mountains Of The Moon"

"St. Stephen" Live At The Filmore West,1969

"High Time"

"New Speedway Boogie"

"Easy Wind"

"Casey Jones"

"Box Of Rain"

"Friend Of Mine"

"Sugar Magnolia"



"Bertha" Live At Filmore East, New York

"Here Comes Sunshine"


Tim Rose "Fare Thee Well"

Blackburn & Snow "Do You Realize"

The Fun & Games "The Way She Smiles"

Raintree "Land Of Make Believe"

Don Cooper "Bless The Children"

The Byrds "5D"

H.P. Lovecraft "Spin, Spin, Spin"

Ruthann Friedman "Morning Becomes You"

Gary Higgins "It Didn't Take Too Long"

Extradition "Ice"

Traffic "No Time To Live"

The End "Dreamworld"

Jimmy Campbel / Virgin Sleep "Michaelangelo" (Demo version with strings)

Mandrake Memorial "Dark Lady"

Irmin Schmidt "ImTempel"

The Orient Express "For A Moment"

Baris Manco "Mozart"

T. Zchiew & The Johnny "Let Your Life Be Free"

McPhee "The Wrong Time"

King Fox "All Is Gone"

Bakery "Faith To Sing Song"

Rita Lee "Hoje E O Primeiro Dia Do Resto da Sua Vida"

Neu "Seeland"

La Dusseldorf "Silver Cloud"

29.12.16 Status Quo + UK boogie rock special

Status Quo "Pictures Of Matchstick Men"

Status Quo "Black Veils Of Melancholy"

Status Quo "When My Mind Is Not Live"

Status Quo "Ice In The Sun"

Status Quo "Gentlemen Joe's Sidewalk Cafe"

Status Quo "Paradise Flat"

Status Quo "Technicolor Dreams"

Status Quo "Sunny Cellophane Skies"

Status Quo "To Be Free"

Status Quo "Face Without A Soul"

Status Quo "You're Just What I Was Looking For Today"

Status Quo "Mr Mind Detector"

Status Quo "The Clown"

Status Quo "Velvet Curtains"

Status Quo "When I Awake"

Status Quo "Daughter"

Status Quo "(April) Spring, Summer & Wednesday"

Status Quo "Someone's Learning"

Status Quo "Paper Plane"

Suzi Quatro "48 Crash"

T. Rex "Chariot Choogle"

Thin Lizzy "Things Ain't Working Out Down At The Farm"

Deep Purple "Into The Fire"

Uriah Heep "Walking In Your Shadow"

Nazareth "Silve Dollar Forger"

UFO "Boogie"

Ten Years After "Going To Try"



Jan & Dean "Laurel & Hardy"

Franki Valli & The Four Seaons "Genuine Imitation Life"

Beacon Street Union "The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens"

Ultimate Spinach "Gilded Lamp Of The Cosmos"

Marvin Gardens "Down The Line (Demo)"

The United States Of America "Coming Down"

Kaleidoscope "Bord A Bord"

Sagittarius "Glass"

The Gues Who "Undun"

The Weeds "Who'll Read The Will"

The Sonics "Walkin' The Dog"

The Pleasure Seekers "Brain Confusion"

Steppenwolf "Sookie Sookie"

Grand Funk Railroad "Country Road"

Foghat "Gotta Get To Know You"

Alice Cooper "Hello Hooray"

Cactus "Evil"

Leaf Hound "Freeland Fiend"

James Gang "Funk #49"

The Rolling Stones "Live With Me"

The J. Geils Band "Hard Drivin' Man"

Grin "Slippery Fingers"

Three Dog Night "Circle For A Landing"

Fleetwood Mac "Albatross (Live at The Shrine)

Fleetwood Mac "The Green Manalishi"

Morgen "Eternity In Between"

The Blues Project "Flute Thing"

Robert Lester Folsom "Written In Your Hair"

Hackamore Brick "Oh! Those Sweet Bananas"

Country Joe & The Fish "She's A Bird"


Howlin' Wolf "Tail Dragger"

Bo Diddley "Elephant Man"

Muddy Waters "She's Alright"

The Purpose "Doin' The Everything"

Black Merda "The Folks From Mother's Mixer"

Funkadelic "The Goose That Laid The Glden Egg"

The Move "Don't Make My Baby Blue"

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs "Time To Live" (Live At Sunbury)

Wendy Saddington "Backlash Blues"

Band Of Light "Spaces Of Time"

Fanny Adams "Ain't No Lovin' Left"

Sons Of The Vegatal Mother "Make It Begin"

Caravan "Winter Wine"

King Crimson "I Talk To The Wind"

Brainticket "Egyptian Kings"

McDonald & Giles "Tomorrow's People - The Children Of Today"

Baby Grandmothers "Somebody's Calling My Name"

Agitation Free "Laila Part II"

Serge Gainsbourg "Cargo Culte"

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