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SpaceInBetweenDowntempo sounds to mellow out the evening with organic jazz, soul and dub weaved around today's hip hop, electronica beats, post-rock and ambient atmospheres.

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Jaki Liebezeit tribute part 3 - unreleased Can & later projects

Can "Barnacle"

Can "Ibis"

Can "Gomorrha"

Can "Musette"

Can "E.F.S. No. 7"

Can "Cutaway"

Can "E.F.S. No. 8"

Can "Transcendental Express"

Can "Evening All Day"

Can "When Darkness Comes"

Can "Obscura Primavera"

Can "Midnight Men"

Can "Private Nocturnal"

Irmler Liebezeit "Amalgam"

Phantom Band "You Inspired Me"

Phantom Band "Absolutely Straight"

Phantom Band "Latest News"

Phantom Band "E.F. 1"

Datenverarbeiter Vs Liebezeit "Luna 2"

Datenverarbeiter Vs Liebezeit "Row"

Liebezeit Mertin "Overtone"

Liebezeit Mertin "Surfangel"

21.02.17 David Axelrod tribute

David Axelrod "The Signs Part One (Instrumental)"

David Axelrod "Warning Talk Part Three (Instrumental)"

Letta Mbulu "Pula Yetla (Instrumental)"

David Axelrod "Urizen"

David Axelrod "The Sick Rose"

David Axelrod "Holy Thursday"

David Axelrod "The Smile"

David Axelrod "The Human Abstract"

David Axelrod "The Warnings Part I"

David Axelrod "The Warnings Part II"

David Axelrod "Overture"

The Electric Prunes "Credo"

The Electric Prunes "Agnus Dei"

The Electric Prunes "Holy Are You"

The Electric Prunes "General Confessional"

David McCallum "The Edge"

David McCallum "House Of Mirrors"

Low Rawls "Lifetime Monologue"

Low Rawls "You've Made Me So Very Happy"

The Cannonball Adderly Quintet "Tensity"

Cannonball Adderly "Introduction"

Cannonball Adderly "Aries"

Hampton Hawes "Web"

David Axelrod "Paint It Black"

Cannonball Adderly "Libra"

Cannonball Adderly "Capricorn"

Cannonball Adderly "Aquarius"

Jaki Liebezeit tribute part 1 - Secret Rhythms with Burnt Friedman

In tribute to the late great Jaki LIebezeit tonight's show is made up entirely of music taken from the five 'Secret Rhythms' albums Liebezeit recorded with Burnt Friedman.

"Rhein Rauf"

"Royal Roost"

"Secret Rhythms"




"The Sticks"

"The Librarian (Nonplace Version)" feat. David Sylvian

"Niedrige DEcken"

"Broken Wind Repair Kit"


"Morning Has Broken"

"Die Ehrliche Haut"

"Wirklich Version"






24.01.17 Laraaji special

Laraaji  "Sol"

Brian Eno & Laraaji "Meditation No.1"

Laraaji & Sun Araw "Leipzig (Part 2)"

Laraaji & Blues Control "Awakening Day"

Laraaji "Marmalade Eyes"

Laraaji & Audio Active "Laraajingle"

Laraaji "Zither Dance"

Laraaji "Lotus Collage"

Laraaji "Uniocorns In Paradise"

Laraaji "Sun Zither"

Laraaji "Trance Celestial Movement 1"

Laraaji "Trance Celestial Movement 2"

Laraaji "Universe"

27.12.16 - 2016 Review Part 2

Devonwho "Radarrr"

Clairmont The Second "No Favors"

Frank Ocean "Pink And White"

Anderson .Paak "The Bird"

NxWorries "Droogs"

James Blake "Put That Thing Away And Talk To Me"

Jessy Lanza "I Talk BB"

Nite-Funk "Love x2"

DJ Shadow "Suicide Pact"

Badbadnotgood "And That, Too"

Jeff Parker "Executive Life"

Max Graef & Glen Astro "Money $ex Theme"

Gold Panda "In My Car"

serpentwithfeet "flickering"

Miles Davis / Robert Glasper / Hiatus Kaiyote "Little Church"

The Greg Foat Group "Dusk" 

Mark Barrot "Over At Dieter's Place"  

Astrobal "Flow My Tears The Machine Said"

S U R V I V E "Omniverse"

Space Dimension Controller "The Bad People"

Konx-Am-Pax "Last Jam Forever"

Joasihno "Nuh Nuh"

Quirke "Cylinders"

Szun Waves "Orb Light"

Biosphere "Than Is The Mater"

Gifted & Blessed "At One Ment"

20.12.16 - 2016 In Review Part 1

Some of my favourite tracks that I played this year on the show

Samiyam "Teebs Gets Angry"

Porches "Even The Shadow"

Bullion "Get To The Heart Of It"

Starchild "All My Lovers"

Kaytranada "Bus Ride"

Heliocentrics "The Five Thing"

Nonkeen "This Beautiful Mess"

Tortoise "Gesceap" 

Hintermass "The Rituals Of Reversal"

Loom "Ultraviolet Love Scene"

Public Memory "Cul De Sac"

Nico Motte "Life Goes On If You Are Lucky"

Clark "Hiero-Bosch For Khalil"

Zach Cooper "To"

Jameszoo "Flake"

sir Was "A Minor Life"

Daniel Lissvik "N"

Project Pablo "About To Leave"

Kyson "Black Dreaming"

Mark Pritchard "Cycles Of 9"

Andrew Tuttle "Activation"

Julianna Barwick "Same"

Tim Hecker "Obsidian Counterpoint"

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith "Envelop"

Bulbs "Skylight"

Chris Abrahams "Scale Upon The Land" 

Gentleforce "Naoshima (God Is In The Water)"

Prins Thomas "B"


SG Lewis "Meant To Be" (Ta-Ku Remix)

Diggs Duke "Last Night"

Jessy Lanza "I Talk BB" (Morgan Geist Remix)

Dawn Richard "Sands / Lilies (Interlude)"

So Much Light "Idiot Soul"

Dungen "Grottan / Aladdins flykt over havet / Achmed och Peri Banu"

Khotin "Recycle (Drift Mix)"

Nite Jewel "Running Out Of Time" (Julia Holter Remix)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith "Envelop"

Max Wurden "Furnfeld"

Anton Kubikov "Dekka"

Biosphere "Sweet Dreams Form A Shade"

Sarah Davachi "Ghosts And All"

Pauline Oliveros "Striations"

David Behrman "On The Other Ocean"

Else Maria Pade "Faust Suite: Prolog i Himlen / Syv Cirkler"

Malcolm Pointon "Study 2"

F.C. Judd "Suspended Motion / Molecules In Space"


Giallo's Flame "Wasteland"

Principles Of Geometry "Springed Dodge"

Krakatau "Water Near A Bridge" 

Brightblack Morning Light "Friend Of Time"

Howie B Vs Casino Royale "In My Soul Kingdom"

DJ Food "A Trick Of The Ear"

Jackson Conti "Papaya"

Do Make Say Think "Dr. Hooch"

Blood Orange "Fred Drives"

Saddleback "Everything's Open To Interpretation"

Greg Haines "Nuestro Pueblo"

Vladislav Delay "Tummelivisio"

Pan American "What Do They Dream"

Fontanelle "Monday Morning"


Jay Glass Dubs "Versatile Dub"

Tapes "Helix Dub"

Errol Brown "Orthodox Dub"

Michael Prophet "Dub Specialist"

Puraman "Firehorse Dub"

Adrian Younge "The Night"

Shlohmo "11_9_10 Asleep On The 22"

Shlohmo "Empty Pools"

Ryan Teague "Point Of Departure"

Tim Costner "Ocean Liner"

Loscil "Drained Lake"

Loscil "Zephyr"

Biosphere "Whyll And Purpose"

Steve Hasuschildt "Horizon Of Appearances"

Adam Byanbaum Witzie "Lithium, The New Era"

Stars Of The Lid "Porch Edit #28"

A Winged Victory For The Sullen "Atomos 1"

Rayon "Cuts"

08.11.16 Rn'B & Hip Hop Special

Tall Black Guy "Is There More To Life?" feat. Diggs Duke

Sango "Hipster Girl"

BJ The Chicago Kid "Church" feat. Chance The Rapper & Buddy

Nosaj Thing "Cold Stares" feat. Chance The Rapper

Frank Ocean "Ivy"

D.R.A.M. "WiFi" feat. Erykah Badu

D.R.A.M."Catetaker" feat. SZA

A$AP Rocky "Pharsyde"

Kendrick Lamar "untitled 04 08.14.2014"

Mndsgn "Alluptoyou"

Kaytranada "GOT IT GOOD" feat. Craig David

Sinead Harnett "Do It Anyway" Christian Rich Remix

Christian Rich "Face" feat. Denitia & Sene

Kadhja Bonet "Honeycomb"

Pegasus Warning "Come Close"

Dornik "Shadow"

The Hics "Her"

SiR "Love You"

Dream Koala "We Can't Be Friends"

SG Lewis "Yours"

FTSE "Float" feat. Kenzie May

Khai "Do You Go Up"

The Code "Her"\

SZA "Ur"

JMSN "My Way"

The Internet "Matt's Apartment"

The Internet "Palace / Curse"

Gayngs "The Gaudy Side Of Town"

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