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The Thin Black Line

Produced by the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning research team, the Thin Black Line introduces complexity and nuance into analysis of Indigenous affairs that is missing in mainstream media.

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The Role of Research in Strengthening and Transforming Community

Join us tonight on the thin black line as we talk with Associate Professor Leonie Pihama Director of Te Mata Punenga o Te Kotahi, (University of Waikato) about the role of research in strengthening and transforming community.

New co-chairs elected to Congress

In October new Co-Chairs were elected to Congress; that is the National Congress of Australia's First People. This week we are talking to Dr Mark McMillan, a Director of the National Congress of Australia's First People's about Congress' past, future, the opportunity of a new Prime Minister for engagement and the recent election of two new Co-Chairs.

The Radiant Leah Purcell Is Treading The Boards Again

Louis Nowra's Radiance is an exuberant black sabbath for three great Indigenous dames.

It begins conventionally enough: Mae, Nona and Cressy gather at the old Queenslander in the tropics for Mum's funeral. But these three sisters are forces of nature, and they haven't been in the same room for years, and years. It isn't long before that old house can't contain the joy and pain of them all being together again...

Director and performer, Leah Purcell, joined Rudi to discuss past, present and future of this powerful play, and what it's been like to return to the stage.

You can catch Radiance at The Belvoir Street Thearte, tickets from $39

3 January - 8 February

Producer: Rudi Bremer

Roger Knox at The Sydney Festival

Known as the Koori King of Country, honey-voiced Roger Knox has a reputation of singing uplifting songs of struggle, heartbreak and hope.

Roger joined Rudi to chat about his 2013 album Stranger in My Land and to uncover what makes him the Johnny Cash of Australia.

You can catch Roger Knox performing at The Aurora, tickets start from $39

25 January at 5.15pm

Producer: Rudi Bremer

Australia's First Indigenous Trauma Recovery Program

Australia's first Indigenous Trauma Recovery Program is a partnership between the University of Wollongong's Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health and America's Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) that will be offered from July this year.

The course, consisting of two weeks of intensive residential training and six months of online delivery, is designed to provide trauma informed skills for professionals working within the health, social services, education and justice sectors including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander professionals.

Program Coordinator, Debra Hocking, joined Rudi to outline some of the goal for the program.

You can get involved, or find out more information about the program here.

Producer: Rudi Bremer

Long Grass at The Sydney Festival

Five people emerge from the tall spear grass. That one, he's feeling no-good sorry way. She bin look after him, but really wants a holiday. Her, she's been here forever. That one, he's run away from payback, waiting for the mob to forget. And her, she's causing trouble ...

Cultural Consultant and performer, Gary Lang, joined Rudi to bring a little insight into one of the Sydney Festival's most exciting original works - Long Grass.

You can catch Long Grass at The Seymour Centre, tickets start from $35
14 & 16 January at 6.30pm
17 January at 8.30pm
18 January at 3.30pm

Producer: Rudi Bremer

Blak Cabaret at The Sydney Festival

Blak Cabaret is a deadly take on black–white relations, a vision of blak invasion that flips our Australian history on its head.

Creative Producer, Jason Tamiru, joined Rudi to share why everyone loves a blak cabaret.

You can catch Blak Cabaret at The Famous Spiegeltent, tickets from $41

20–25 January at 8pm

Producer: Rudi Bremer

Destigmatising HIV/AIDS

For too long, a stigma has been attached to HIV and AIDS.

Because of this, sufferers have been apprehensive about discussing the disease, and what's more worrying, young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are particularly reluctant.

Jake Morcom from 2ser's LGBTIQ program, Gay Panic, spoke with Todd Fernando about his work at the NCIE and destigmatising HIV and AIDS amongst Indigenous youth.

Producers: The Gay Panic Team

Outrage building at The Block

This week Dei Cota sparked outrage when they released an advertisement claiming Aboriginal residents had "moved out" of Redfern to lure buyers to their luxury apartments.

Although Dei Cota claims that the language in their ad has been misinterpreted, a number of Indigenous leaders have identified the ad as being racist and discriminating.

Nathan Moran, Chief Executive of the Metropolitan LALC, joined Rudi to discuss his reaction to Dei Cota's advertisment.

Producer: Lily McGufficke

More Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist

Celeste Liddle is a columnist, union organiser, blogger and unapologetic feminist 

Her lucid columns challenge the right-wing hegemony in Aboriginal public affairs, where only certain voices are privileged.

Liddle joined Rudi in the studio to discuss workplace discrimation, self-determination and whether we'll ever close the gap.

Producer: Rudi Bremer

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