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Who dare says Sydney doesn't have a thriving creative scene?

Get in the know of the latest happenings around town with Sophie and the team at So Hot Right Now as we talk arts, theatre, music, pop culture and all things creative in your weekly dose of culture.

From big festivals to small exhibitons to our very own Gaggle of Geeks with Blake Howard, we have got you covered in Sydney's arts and culture scene.

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Adman: Warhol before Pop

Before he was the Pop artist of the 60s, Andy Warhol was the Adman.

With the backdrop of 1950s New York and its burgeoning advertising industry, the Art Gallery of NSW's latest exhibition, Adman: Warhol before pop focuses on the formative years of one of the 20th century's most influential artists. 

Producer Charles Waldren spoke to senior curator Nicholas Chambers on the enduring impact of Warhol.

Adman: Warhol before pop, Art Gallery of NSW, The Domain, Sydney, Feb 28 - May 28.

In Difference

What's the difference between a same-sex couple and a heterosexual couple? Not much really. They both love, respect, have sex and endure the usual day-to-day life.

In a new dance theatre production, In Difference looks at the Marriage Equality debate and confronts political side with tenderness and empathy.

Co-creator and choreographer Craig Barry spoke about how the work reflects his own life and why Marriage Equality is at the forefront in queer civil rights.

In Difference, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, March 2-4.

Gaggle of Geeks: SNIKT!

The time has come, the time for Hugh Jackman to hang up his Adamantium claws.

In his final outing as Wolverine, Blake discusses why Logan is a beautiful and fitting farewell to the beloved character that Hugh's been playing for 17 years. 

On the casting couch, Marvel has revealed the lead for the X-Men TV series as well as who will be playing Maximus the Mad in the Inhumansseries. 

Heading to the Batman universe, we may finally be getting Dick on our screens! Dick Grayson that is aka Nightwing, the former Boy Wonder with a director being attached to the project.

It's Pronounced "GIF" not "GIF"

No but really, how do you say "Graphics Interface Format"?

It's Pronounced "GIF" Not "GIF" is a one off exhibition of digital art that looks at our relationship with screens, consumerism and the rabbit-hole that is the internet.

Curator Con Gerakaris dropped in to chat about the debated pronunciation and the depths of art you can find on the internet.

It's Pronounced "GIF" not "GIF", Goodspace Gallery, Chippendale, Wednesday March 1

Gaggle of Geeks: Where's Your Head At?

What happens when one of the most powerful telepathic mutants is also schizophrenic? How does one know which voices are real or imagined? This is Legion, the new X-Men television series by Noah Hawley (Fargo).

We saw the trailer a few weeks ago so does the series live-up to X-fans' expectations?

Meanwhile, rumours have been floating that Blake's favourite hero Batfleck wants out of the upcoming Batman film. Is it true or just a bad joke?

Also, Phillip Pullman is releasing new His Dark Materials books and if you've been living under a rock, Thor is a bad roommate. Check it!

Guy James Whitworth - Cries For Attention

In this day and age, aren't we all crying for attention?

Unloading all his frustrations from the past 12 months politically and the lack of progress in equality, Cries For Attention is Guy James Whitworth's new series of paintings as part of Mardi Gras and Art Month Sydney

Guy caught up with Sophie on how he channels these frustrations and the struggles of being a creative in Australia.

Cries For Attention, 22 Feb - 7 March, M2 Gallery Shop, Surry Hills.
Opening Night: Friday, Feb 24, 6pm

Jodie Whalen on Feminism, Protest and Art Month

Art Month Sydney is around the corner which sees our city come to life with an exploision of creativity!

Presented at the National Art School on the night of International Women's Day, artist Jodie Whalen will be presenting an extraordinary performance artwork that explores the female experience through transforming and redefining our everyday routines.

Sophie chatted to Jodie about feminism and the power of small protest.

Art Month is taking over Sydney from the 1st-20th of March. 
See Jodie's performance piece at the National Art School, Darlinghurst on Wednesday, March 8 from 7.30pm.


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