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Who dare says Sydney doesn't have a thriving creative scene?

Get in the know of the latest happenings around town with Sophie and the team at So Hot Right Now as we talk arts, theatre, music, pop culture and all things creative in your weekly dose of culture.

From big festivals to small exhibitons to our very own Gaggle of Geeks with Blake Howard, we have got you covered in Sydney's arts and culture scene.

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The Laden Table

 Mix two intergenerational Muslim and Jewish families together, add a good dose of dinner table racism and you have The Laden Table 

A brand new play, in it's world premiere by the BakeHouse Theatre Company,  Sophie spoke to lead actor Mansoor Noor about his personal connection to the production and what it's like growing up Muslim in Australia today. 

The Laden Table, KXT - Kings Cross Theatre, March 10-25.

Gaggle of Geeks: Dear WW, please don't suck

It's nearly here! The near final Wonder Woman trailer dropped and girl is it looking good but with DC's history in making excellent trailers and not-so-great films, Blake and Sophie have a message for the producers... please don't suck

Another trailer dropped and came out in the form of Neil Gaiman/Bryan Fuller's American Gods. Set your calendars for May gagglers, by the gods it's looking good.

Lastly, the latest in the Marvel-Netflix TV world, Iron Fist is here but Blake's not tuning in yet. Find out just why. 

Standing Rock

Australian photojournalist Angus Mordant has been documenting the Standing Rock struggle at the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The pipeline is responsible for causing an incredible amount of tension, conflict and solidarity between Native American tribes and corporate authority.

Ahead of his first solo Sydney exhibition Standing Rock, Angus talks about his experience capturing the protests and the turbulent times ahead.

Standing Rock, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, from March 30.

John Olsen: The You Beaut Country

The Art Gallery of NSW has curated a collection of Iconic Australian artist John Olsen's most arresting work around our homeland Australia.

The You Beaut Country features works spanning back all the way to 1960 and showcases the artists love of our different environments.

Sophie caught up with curator Deborah Edwards on John's love for this country and how he expresses it through art.

The You Beaut Country, Art Gallery of NSW, The Domain, March 10 - June 12

TWT Creative Precinct Block Party

The TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards is an initiative aimed at attacking one of the most critical issues artists face in Sydney: space.

The precinct is opening its doors for a super fun block party which aims to provide an evening of exploring, interacting and creativity - with music, live art, food and exhibitions.

Sophie caught up with James Winter, the director of Brand-X, a non-profit arts organisation that manages the TWT Creative Precinct on all the magic to happen.

TWT Creative Precinct Block Party, Atchison Street, St Leonards, March 24,  5-10pm.

So Hot This Week

Coming up this week: 

Tuesday: Ocean Film Festival

Wednesday: Life Drawing with Artlife Sydney
$15/byo, plenty of paper and supplies to share.

Thursday: FREE X-PRESS
Whatever you want to share, get up and say it!

Friday: St. O'Donnel's 'JUST CAUSE' @ Hudson Ballroom (fka goodgod)

Sunday: Keep Newtown safe and weird


What if Shakespeare's King Henry V was an actual superhero monarch?

Introducing Superhal, the King that would rule an alternative England and France as The Puzzle Collective reimagine the Bard's Henry IV Pts I & II and Henry V as a superhero origin story.

Sophie caught up with Director John Galea to get the low down on combining sci-fi superheroes with Shakespeare.

Superhal, Parade Theatre, NIDA, Kensingnton, March 7-18

Gaggle of Geeks: Return of the Mega-Fauna

Prepare to kneel, the King is back. Kong that is.

Running in the same universe as Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island sees our favourite primate reign supreme on a small island inhabited by all creatures great and... large.

But does this blockbluster rate or will it flop back into the sea like Gozilla? Blake give us his verdict plus other pop culture news, Thor: Ragnarok sees our favourite Norse god's tresses cut, Deadpool 2 has a Domino and Game of Thrones S7 has a date!

Gaggle of Geeks: Queer faves

Happy Mardi Gras geeks!

To celebrate Queer Xmas, Blake and Sophie go through some of their favourite LGBTIQ characters that grace the insides of one of our favourite mediums, the comic book.

Who are some of your favourite characters?

Also the final Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer dropped and the Gaggle are getting geared up!

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