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Who dare says Sydney doesn't have a thriving creative scene?

Get in the know of the latest happenings around town with Sophie and the team at So Hot Right Now as we talk arts, theatre, music, pop culture and all things creative in your weekly dose of culture.

From big festivals to small exhibitons to our very own Gaggle of Geeks with Blake Howard, we have got you covered in Sydney's arts and culture scene.

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Gaggle of Geeks: Teaser-rific!

Another stacked week for the geekdom and SO MANY TEASERS.

From a potential return for Deadwood to Captain Marvel landing directors to the teaser to a teaser to end all teasers, our esteemed hosts better remember to breathe.

But to kick things off, Graffiti With Puncuation'Blake Howard seranaded Sophie with a Marilyn-esque birthday greeeting. Oh dear.

Toby Martin: Songs From Northam Avenue Live

Frontman of indie rock band Youth Group, Toby Martin released his album Songs From Northam Avenue, inspired by his residency with Urban Theatre Projects back in 2013. For one night only, Toby Martin is performing this album live alongside a full band.

Sophie chatted with Toby to hear more about his residency, the development of the album and what to expect from the live show!

Songs From Northam Avenue LIVE, Carriageworks, April 29, $15 + booking fee

Women Like Us

Women Like Us presents two middle-aged country mothers talking about getting older and fatter.

Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs, the women behind the show, are your average Australian mothers taking on the world of comedy. Providing us with the often forgotten or neglected stories from their demographic. 

Sophie spoke with Mandy Nolan about her comedic career, the industry and their upcoming show. 

Women Like Us, Wild Oats Wine Bar Enmore Theatre, May 20-21, $30

Gaggle of Geeks: Breathe, just breathe

In the great words of Luke Skywalker, "just breathe" because it's another bumper edition of Gaggle of Geeks!

In what became a teaser bonanza, resident geek and Graffiti with Punctuation'Blake Howard and Sophie could not get enough of the new trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Thor: Ragnarok which featured the best line ever uttered in trailer history.

Cue sky-rocketing levels of geek excitement because they both look fabulous plus news from the casting couch for Deadpool 2 and young Dumbledore in the next Fantastic Beasts/Harry Potter instalment. 

Healing Chromosomes

Is your relationship with your phone healthy? Healing Chromosomes invites you to analyse your interaction with devices and what kind of affect this engagment is having on your pyshe.

Our producer Nicole Beck spoke with artist Hiromi Tango about Healing Chromosomes, which all started when Hiromi chopped up her children's iPhone chargers. 

Healing Chromosomes, Sullivan + Strumpf, April 1-22, free

Gaggle of Geeks: Cue awkward elevator music

Yes, we can breathe again! In a slower news week, Graffiti with Punctuation's and resident geek Blake Howard could actually speak coherently again.

LAIKA Studios have announced they're entering the merchandise sphere, Doctor Who returns in a week but a new teaser is hinting at an early regeneration... plus bad news from the Transformers front...uh oh.

And everyone knows elevators are awkward spaces. Especially when you stuff four superheroes in one! Put it in your calendars, Netflix's Defenders coming August 18.

Red Earth

Today marks the inaugural Red Earth mini festival! A musical experience curated just for you, Red Earth aims to support Sydney's local talent by throwing a party with all the great people making music in this city.

On the lineup is an amazing range of local talent including the likes of Suiix, Hunch, Poolroom., Shady Nasty, Bread Club, Pyjama Sundayz, The World's Hottest Ramen and many more!

We were joined in studio this morning by the man behind Red Earth Club, Joey Watson, who told us all about the organisation and what's to come.

Red Earth #1, April 8, $10 on the door

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