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The Vultures' Nest

The Vultures' Nest is Radio 2ser's weekly cultural criticism show hosted by culture vultures: Karla Arnall, James Dalton, Nic Healey,  Jessica Keath, Fiona Pepper and Jessica Tuckwell. Every week the vultures swoop on two cultural morsels, bring them back to the nest and tear them apart. The vultures pick through anything with meat on it; from 3D printed organs to modern day slavery. 


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Vulture's Nest: leaders debate and gatorgate

This week on the show our vultures feasted on the underwhelming enthusiasm towards the first facebook leaders debate.

They also discussed a controversial invitation to a extremist Muslim cleric who attended a Ramadan dinner at Kirribilli house.

And there was another incident of child meets apex predator as an alligator at Disneyworld Florida took a two year old. 

Plus much much more! 

Hosted by Eliza Berlage with new nesties Kevin Suarez, Ben Nielsen and Rudi Bremer.

Vulture's Nest: handbags and stolen snags

This week in the nest our vultures tore apart some money news and the idea of moral wrongs and legal wrongs.

A woman wascharged after spending millions of dollars from an overdraft on some fancy things, including $1.3 million on handbags.

In smaller crimes, a homeless man had a run in with the law after stealing some cheese and sausages from a supermarket in Europe.

There were many other things they discuss but you should probably just listen aye?!

Names and other problems

This week in the nest our vultures tore apart news that Papua New Guinea had ruled that detention of refugees is illegal.

They then moved on to matters of allowing animals to name their own offspring AND are in road traffic lights a good idea to help smart phone users avoid accidents?

Host Sean Morahan is joined by CJ Delling, Suren Jayemanne and Eden Caceda.

Australian content pirates and Prince Harry on parade

Recent court dramas means that pirates are on notice in Australia, with the possibility of legal ramifications for downloading your favourite show looming large! Luckily, Prince Harry is in town to distract people.

Uber Kittens and Reaction Journalism

This week, the Nest tackles the hard hitting topic of Uber's kitten delivery service and whether media stories about what people are saying on Twitter can possibly count as "journalism". Featuring Fiona Pepper, Nic Healey, Sarah Agar and Erin Turner. 

James Watson the Bigot and the Cult of Crossfit

This week on the Vultures' Nest, Jessie Keath, Jess Tuckwell and Nic Healey chat James Watson the Bigot and the Cult of Crossfit.

Pope Totes Hearts Evolution and Learning New Words Makes You High

This week on the Vultures' Nest, Jess Tuckwell, Karla Arnall and Jessie Keath talk Evolution and the Pope and our brains bribing us to learn new words.

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