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This is the Gay Panic team - aren't they fabulous?

Every Friday night on 2SER from 7pm, Jack and Jake (second from the right, and on the end left respectively) will delve into the world of everything queer, sexuality based, sex and gender diverse in the most quirky hour of radio to be heard in Sydney. 

From Courtney Act, to Alex Greenwich, to Calpernia Addams - you bet we've chatted them up!

Got something queer to share with us? A story, an event, or something out of this world? Email us on [email protected] or [email protected] and let's see what frivolity we can unravel on the airwaves. 


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'No Mercy' beckons for more LGBTI youth safe spaces

Australian musician Jack Colwell released 'No Mercy' just under a fortnight ago following the tragic events of young Queenslander Tyrone Unsworth's suicide. 

Written earlier this year, the song details Colwell's emotionally charged response to the federal government's abolishing of the Safe Schools program, a program which aimed to educate young Australians about the LGBTI community.

Colwell brought forward the song's release given the events and is donating 100% of the proceeds to Q-life, an LGBTI-specialist counselling helpline.

You can stream No Mercy here and also purchase the track.

Playlist November 25 2016

Wut - Le1f

Body - Rye Rye + Filthy Fidgets

Tick Tick Boom - Dominique Young Unique

On The Regular - ShamirNeeded Me - Rihanna

Get Bigger / Do U Luv - NxWorries

Hello Hi (ft. Bosco) - Zebra Katz + Bosco

I'll Take Yr Man - Sgt. Sass

Trans law reform crucial for Australian trans youth

For young people, transitioning from one sex to another can be an extremely emotional journey. Navigating the perception placed upon you from one gender to another is hard enough, although in Australia transgender youth are also required to gain court approval for any special medical procedure.

Back in July of this year Chief Justice of the Family Court, Diana Bryant said 'the court system is not working'. Ultimately Justice Bryant would like to see an application which could be made relatively simply by consent.

Australia is the only country in the world with this requirement, which can cost families tens of thousands of dollars and take up to 10 months for a hearing. One organisation trying to push for a change in this law is the Inner City Legal Centre in Sydney.

Principal Solicitor Hilary Kincaid joined Jack and Jake in the studio now to talk about the Trans Law Reform.

Playlist November 18 2016

Imperfect Circle - Jorja Smith

Distractions I: The Opposite Sex - Kilo Kish

Samurai Swords - Highasakite

Clemens Schick chats labels, German film and the venture into Hollywood

Quickly establishing himself as a reputable face in the world of German film, you may also recognise Clemens Schick from some major Hollywood blockbusters including Casino Royale and Point Break. 

Down under for the German Film Festival, Clemens joined Jack and Jake in the studio to talk his appearances in 4 Kings and Hidden Reserves, two films airing at this years festival, and also how in a world of minority categorization he believes 'labels are for suits, not people'.

Playlist 11 November 2016

Kerala - Bonobo

Human - The Last Exposure

The poetic styling's of gendered experimentalists Dark Matter

Four years old, Dark Matter is the political and creative work coming from poets Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian.

In their work, they both draw from their experiences navigating the world as gender non-conforming Indians, challenging stereotypes and the heteronormatives world view of gender expression

Gay Panic Producer Annie Wylie sat down with Alok when they were in town on a tour of Australia and New Zealand to chat the genesis of the Dark Matter project and how societal attitudes are slowly but surely shifting.

Is marriage equality in jeopardy in Trump's United States?

Donald Trump's presidential success has flooded our news feeds over the past few days and amidst all this buzz, you may have forgotten that the marriage equality plebiscite was overturned last week.

Some are seeing this as a progressive movement towards marriage equality in Australia where as other are worried that it will remain at the wayside of political discussion.

Looking back to the United States and their stance on marriage equality comes an amazing story from Jim Obergefell, who back in 2013 made a promise to his husband that they would one day get married.

In their state of Ohio, same-sex marriage was not recognized at the time and from there unraveled a momentous case for equal marriage rights across the US.

The man behind the movement, Jim Obergefell joined Jack and Jake on Gay Panic to chat the events that he documents in his book 'Love Wins' and his take on US president elect Donald Trump.

Playlist 28 October 2016

Restless Earth - Beshken

Come On Mess Me Up - Cub Sport

Slow D's - Lolly

Whatta Man (feat. En Vogue) - Salt 'N' Pepa

Unrobing 'What Maketh A Man'

How do you define your masculinity? If at all?

What Maketh A Man is an exhibition that showcases men of all shapes and sizes at their most vulnerable - disrobed and open to judgement.

Artist Guy Whitworth has painted portraits of straight, gay and transmen completely in the nude on a quest to ask 'what does masculinity mean to you?'.

What Maketh A Man is on from October 23th-29th, 2016 at the Shop Gallery in Glebe, Sydney, check out info here

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