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This is the Gay Panic team - aren't they fabulous?

Every Friday night on 2SER from 7pm, Jack and Jake (second from the right, and on the end left respectively) will delve into the world of everything queer, sexuality based, sex and gender diverse in the most quirky hour of radio to be heard in Sydney. 

From Courtney Act, to Alex Greenwich, to Calpernia Addams - you bet we've chatted them up!

Got something queer to share with us? A story, an event, or something out of this world? Email us on [email protected] or [email protected] and let's see what frivolity we can unravel on the airwaves. 


Shows On Demand

Cattwell's Catty Cultural Critique - Fashion Week and faux pas

Resident fashion, culture and glamour guru Cameron Attewell makes his debut in the studios of 2SER on Gay Panic. 

This week, Cattwell gives us the rundown on what was what for Fashion Week around the globe, what trends will soon be trending and his visceral clear cut opinion on sport luxe and Nike Wedges. 

We're foster parents, and oh, we're gay

For LGBTIQ couples there are a number of significant hurdles to jump over when it comes to having children.

But one couple who are paving the way as queer parents here in Australia are Ted and Dave, a gay couple who are in fact foster carers. 

With initial prospects to adopt, Ted and Dave both considered adoption when first considering having children - but this was in an era when gay people weren't allowed to adopt, nor was their relationship recognised. 

In 2017, they've been gratious carers of both long term and short term foster children and they joined Jack and Jake on Gay Panic to tell their story.

Real talk with Shaleece Haas and Joe Stevens from Real Boy

Traversing the ups and downs of teenage life are hard enough, but when you don't conform to the gender or sexuality norms put in place by typical society, you're in for one rough ride. For young people like Bennett Wallace though, the reward at the end is all worth it.

'Real Boy', a film by Shaleece Haas, follow's Bennett as he struggles to be accepted by his family for what he truly is, as trans man. The documentary shares Bennett's journey, taking you though the last stages of high school and on a road trip, towards his soon to be mentor, Joe Stevens, all in an effort to find his true self.

Jack and Jake spoke with director and producer, Shaleece Haas and musician Joe Stevens.

Courtney Act and Bielfield will make you 'Dance Again'

Recorded over a year ago, Aussie drag royalty Courtney Act and pop (and opera) singer Bielfield have dropped their new single 'Dance Again' just in time for the Mardi Gras season.

Grabbing from modern dancehall and dance-pop, twinged with Flume-esque sensibilities, the track celebrates the vocal stylings of both performers and weaves them together perfectly - think a 2017 rendition of Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams on 'Kids'.

Courtney and Bielfield dropped by the 2SER studios to catch up with Jake from Gay Panic to talk recording their first track together and what they're up to this Mardi Gras season.

Glitchy, trappy, controlled chaos on Simo Soo's new mixtape

We've All Been Tricked Into Thinking This Reality is Normal & Acceptable, It's Not. Your Anxiety Is Real & Bugging Out Is The Correct Response - is the incredibly long and descriptive title of Simo Soo's new mixtape.

Recorded with the likes of Lonelyspeck, Marcus Whale (of Black Vanilla and Collarbones), Sissi Reagan and Yon Yonson, the record cuts erraticly between acid trap and bubblegum 8-bit pop with all the tunes challenging your perception of what really is normal.

Simo, who live streamed the recording of "We've All Been Tricked...", joined Jack and Jake in the studio.

Australia's dark homophobic history in MEMBER

In the 1980s, Sydney gangs found a new blood sport - hunting gays.

MEMBER follows Corey, a former gang member, who finds himself in a confronting situation when his own son comes out as gay.

Performed as a one man show, Ben Noble becomes Corey in a visceral exploration of Australia's dark homophobic underground.

'12 Inch Night' serving you tragedy this Mardi Gras

The work of Shakespeare is no stranger to an adaptation, but would you have ever imagined one of his plays to be set in a gay porn studio?

Jumping into Mardi Gras season this year, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night gets a facelift coming back as 12 Inch Night, a quirky and provocative take on the 17th century play.

Co-writer and producer James Wilson and cast member Diab Metry joined Jack and Jake in studio to chat why Shakespeare needs a good 12 inches this Mardi Gras.

'Winter at Westbeth' proves age really is just a number

Finding its way into selected cinemas this Tuesday, Winter at Wesbeth is the tale of a building recreated for artists in 1966.

The complex, WestbethArtists Housing, homed people like Robert Beauchamp, Paul Benjamin, Karl Bissinger, Barnaby Ruhe and Joseph Chaikin to name a few.

Director Rohan Spong filmed three residents, each with their own unique history and take on life, over the period of a year exploring how artistic expression and age hold no limitations.

'Diamonds are for Trevor' - birthday tribute for Shirley Bassey

With songs titled Big Spender, Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever, Dame Shirley Bassey was hitting her gay target market on the head.

Celebrating her 80th birthday on January 8 this year the starlet is back on Australian shores, but not as you know it.

Trevor Ashley is reviving his one woman, two-act show 'Diamonds are for Trevor', for a special performance at the Sydney Opera House this March.

'No Mercy' beckons for more LGBTI youth safe spaces

Australian musician Jack Colwell released 'No Mercy' just under a fortnight ago following the tragic events of young Queenslander Tyrone Unsworth's suicide. 

Written earlier this year, the song details Colwell's emotionally charged response to the federal government's abolishing of the Safe Schools program, a program which aimed to educate young Australians about the LGBTI community.

Colwell brought forward the song's release given the events and is donating 100% of the proceeds to Q-life, an LGBTI-specialist counselling helpline.

You can stream No Mercy here and also purchase the track.

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