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Dub Is In The Air

Get deep into the dub every Saturday afternoon with Dub is in the Air

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DUB I5 IN tHe AIR Jan 21st


The Jamaicans - Peace and Love

P.L.A Revolutionaries 

Reco - The Lion Speaks 

Major Mackerel - Pretty Looks Done

Errol Dunkley - Walk the streets at night

Yellow Man - Jack Sprat 

U Roy - Call on I

I Roy - Rose of Sharon 

Max Romeo - Valley of Johasophat 

Prophet Band - Zambia 

Hugh ROy - Behold

The revolutionaries - Why War

Tenor Saw - Fever 

Echo Minott - Original Fat Thing

The interns - Mission impossible 

Jah See - Praises 

Tenor Saw - Lots of Sign 

Robotiks - Miss Mood 

Delroy WIlson - Better must come 

dub is in the air 11062016

me rule - horace martin

u brown - me chat you rock

u brown -huggin and kissing

unkown jamaican blank

great wuga wuga - sir lord comic

warming up the scene- roy shirley

swan lake the cats

bucky skank - upsetter

shelley thunder-woman now a days

second generation- jammys

yami bolo- blood a run

third generation -scientist

devon barton - who say the gun dem puudun

mama -baby wayne

bum wah dis- burro

dem a gun hawk- wayne jr


dub is in the air 04062016

reality - michael palmer

zuggy zuggy- horace martin

jamin so - maddoo

bet you didnt know -d.robinson

yami bolo- its not surprising

tek a set - buru banton

hot stepper- ini kamozi

cetty moot de feet-

see di bobo - jr kat

daddy freddy- long way

na get way wit it - twinkle bros


104th st orch- hawaii 50

blam blam blam - valentines

i want justice - delroy wilson

dub is in the air 21052016

jah is my light - leroy smart

run run - rod taylor

jah say - easton clarke

push push - al campbell

education - bob skeng

defuse the bomb- jr murvin

hell a go bore- danny cane

dem ready - buju banton

upside down - carol cool

kila kila - grupo africa

serious time - yt

message to you rudy- dandy livingstone

step by step - mikey dread

copasetic - the rulers

dub is in the air 14052016

wall street - jackie mittoo

too much war robert lee

sister verna- laff after dem

living in love - wayne i

doillar move - mango

welcome to jamrock- damian marley

never let go-slim smith

heart dont leap-dennis walks

congo war - lord brynner

feel like jumping - lee perry

ambition of men - reuben anderson

shank i sheck- baba brooks

lying and cheating - silvertones

fuckery a gwan- jah bull

tax- anthony b

dub is in the air 07052016

jackie mittoo - wall street

al campbell - bad boy

nigger kojack- massacre

lone ranger - pressure in a babylon

ed robinson - kill fuss

delbert carter-south africa

pinchers-live it up again 

copper cat- tings tough

macka b-be yourself

on my way - raymond naptali

never get burn- twinkle brothers

reality souljah- government official

simmerdown -wailers

love in the afternoon- roland alphonso

death rides - hippy boys

ken boothe - my heart is gone

dub is in the air 30042016

theme song - jackie mittoo - wall street

c,chambers - vibes

king kong- touch mi gorrilla

clarence parks- gunman

lt stitchie- broad hips

tenor saw- lots of sign

luie lepki-tribute to bob

super cat-vineyard style

johnny osborne - rewind

fat man rythm section- dub of a nation

papa levi- mi god mi king

barry boom - wicked shall fall

kate wadey- i cant sleep

tanya stephens- its a pity

anthony b good cop bad cop

dub is in the air 23042016

wall street - jackie mittoo

pressure rock - sinbad

eccleton jarreett- ready ready

mate caan flap yu show - ninja ford

man a big you up- jonny p

too sexy - jonny osbourne

gangta sound- jonny osbourne

murderer- jonny osbourne

kuff - shelly thunder

rock me dub- lynal and the revolutionieres

to sir with love-suzette

history of americe- bruck back

police in helicopter-john holt

time hard - george nooks

love and unity- michael prophet

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