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 Meet Nic, your new host for Breakfast each weekday morning.

He's spent the last 20 years reporting on technology and videogames, but that's all behind him now as he takes over the brekky reins.

You might know him already from his regular segments on a Thursday morning called I Can't Believe It's (Not) News. Or maybe you've heard him presenting Sunday Breakfast on 2SER for the past year.

Or maybe he's brand new to you -- don't worry, you'll get to know him. You can find him on Twitter (@dr_nic) or follow him on Facebook if you're after a dash of snark and a lot of photos of his cat (

In the meantime, you can hear him each morning from 6am as he quietly (or not so quietly) adjusts to the early morning starts.

Tune into 2SER Breakfast, from 6am, Monday-Friday on 107.3 FM for the latest news, diverse, local stories that you won't get anywhere else.

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Reborn Baby Dolls

Across Sydney, people are paying thousands of dollars for exceptionally realistic reborn baby dolls. Cathy Brady, Sydney-based Reborn Baby Doll Artist, joined us this morning to discuss the benefits of and misconceptions associated with these dolls and their collectors. 

Weekly Feed

To ward off the gloomy weather, Thang from Noodlies dropped by to chat with Tess about food for rainy days. Lift your spirits and get your serotonin fix with Korean fermented wine and green onion pancakes.

Child Sleepwalkers

In the wake of World Sleep Day, we're all making a conscious effort to get our 8 hours each night. But it's not so simple for children, who are more likely to experience night terrors, sleepwalking or sleeptalking. Tess Connery spoke with Dr. Chris Seton, Paediatric Sleep Physician from the Wilcock Institute of Medical Research, on how to best manage child sleepwalkers. 



YouTube restricted mode: ethics by numbers

Algorithms help us live our lives, but are they share our values? YouTube's restricted mode came under fire this week when it was discovered it had started to block otherwise-inoffensive LGBTI content. Dr Theresa Anderson is an information ethicist and says, far from being rational and neutral, algorithms are influenced by society's values just as much as the humans who coded the program in the first place.

Produced by Rohan Salmond

Movie Reviews with Michael Jones

Each week 2ser's own Michael Jones swings by to help you decide what new movies are worth watching - and what's worth giving a miss. This week he covered Beauty and the Beast and a film called Life. Is Beauty and the Beast just romanticised stockholm syndrome? And does Life have the worst-named alien villain of any film in recent history?

The secrets of sleepwalking

It's the dead of night and you hear a noise in your home. It's your loved one shuffling around and bumping into things! Is it the zombie apocalypse? Don't worry - they're just sleepwalking. Dr Helen Stallman is a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia and a member of the Centre for Sleep Research. Is sleepwalking dangerous? Should you wake a sleepwalker? Can it be 'cured'?

Produced by Rohan Salmond

The cutest - and most interesting - celestial bodies

In 2006 scientists got together and decided that Pluto didn't fit in with the other eight planets, instead deciding it was more accurate to give it a new designation - dwarf planet - and it made a lot of people very upset! Now there's a group trying to change the definition to let Pluto back in as a fully-fledged planetary member. Dr Tanya Hill is senior curator of astronomy at the Melbourne Planetarium and says not only is making Pluto a planet again unnecessary, it's actually a step backwards in the way we look at our solar system.

Produced by Rohan Salmond

Senator David Leyonhjelm on Video Game Censorship

The censorship of video games can be a highly controversial topic. While some people think that gratuitous sex and violence or a combination thereof should be censored, many others think that developers should be unfettered by such restrictions and that it should be up to gamers themselves, or their parents if they're young. Senator David Leyonhjelm is of the latter opinion. Nic spoke to the Senator about the censorship of video games.

Switching it up: The Nintendo Switch

While Nintendo may have fallen on hard times recently with sales of their recent games and consoles being rather lacklustre, they still have hope. Earlier this month, Nintendo released their brand new console, The Switch. Riding a wave of Hype generated by Nintendo purists and the new Legend of Zelda, the hopes for Nintendo's new offering were high. But was this hope in vain? Nic spoke to producer Patrick about the merits and flaws of the much hyped console.

Dictionary Of Sydney

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge turned 85 on Sunday the 19th of March. Nic chatted to Nicole from Dictionary Of Sydney this morning about the Sydney landmark. The construction of the bridge employed 1,400 builders who were paid as little as four pounds a week during the peak of the Great Depression. Over 200 families living in the far New South Wales town of Moruya were able to put food on their tables because they worked out of the quarries which provided the granite for the bridge pylons. Most of Australia was struggling due to the great depression at the time and it has been recorded the workers who constructed the bridge were grateful for the work. The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has put together an online exhibition to celebrate the icon's birthday. 

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