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The DailyFrom nine to midday every weekday tune in for a great mix of music and ideas. We've got 2SER's unique mix of new music running all morning while we take an in depth look into the issues that matter. From science, health and politics to the arts and local news, we've got it covered.

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Daily Playlist 24th February

"You know it ain't no stoppin all tha doggs I'm droppin // It's Friday night so everythang is poppin // I got skin lets spin on da hand // So let tha games begin"

-- Ice Cube

Mardi Gras Film Festival: Upstairs Inferno

2SER is a media partner of Queer Screen and the 2017 Mardi Gras Film Festival which kicked off February 15th and has been a showing of some of the absolute best gay, lesbian, queer and trans cinema from around the world. Now, tragically, the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando which occurred mid-last year we know was the single worst gay mass-killing in American history, but before it occurred would you known what event previously held that title? It happened in the 1970s and went unacknowledged by the wider public for years. It's covered in a documentary called Upstairs Inferno which is showing as part of the festival Saturday night 25th February and Sean spoke to director Robert Camina earlier this week. 

For More Information: 

Produced by Sean Britten. 

This Day in History - 24th February

 From Pope Gregory XIII's switch to the Gregorian calendar in 1582 to the founding of the Nazi Party in 1920, Sean Britten has once again presented his favourite Friday segment on all things famous. Famous events, famous birthdays and moments in the news where we all knew it would make the This Day in History segment.

Produced by Sean Britten

Ed Blakely Talks US: Trump's Foreign Policy

Ed Blakely joined Sean for his regular and lively debate about the latest in American news, politics and hot topics. President Trump has already been in power for just over a month and this week Trump has all been about America-first and foreign policy taking shape. In a rally in Florida on Saturday, President Trump made false remarks of an attack in Sweden the previous evening. As always, Trump took to Twitter to clarify is statement.


Produced by Sean Britten

Art Month Sydney: Found and Made Exhibition

March is the time to celebrate Sydney's contemporary art scene. Events includings work exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions and artists studio visits have been organised by "Art Month Sydney", a non-for-profit festival of contemporary Art! Amber Hearn is the curator of one of the exhibitions "Found and Made" and is also and co-director of the Stacks Projects Gallery. Amber joined us on the line this morning to tell us a little about the exhibit and also the growing significance of contemporary art in Australian culture.

Produced by Annie Lewis and Marcella Marziani

Is There A Future For A Bipartisan Energy Policy?

Energy security and electricity has caused a lot of debate in Canberra in the first few weeks of Parliament. In quite a bizarre moment, Treasurer Scott Morrison whipped out a lump of coal during Parliamentary question time, waving the piece of coal around. The Government has attacked the Labor Party over its call to phase out coal power, claiming that it would raise electricity prices. Labor's target is for 50% of Australia's electricity to come from renewable sources of energy by 2030. Renewable energy has come under much scrutiny after the state wide blackout in South Australia after a cyclone in September. So is renewable energy the solution to Australia's future energy needs? How can the government approach energy policy in a more bipartisan way? The Daily joined by Lawrence McIntosh, Senior Research Consultant with the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney to give us some insight into these issues. 

Produced by Siobhan Parry 

Jillian Skinner: What does she leave?

Jillian Skinner resigned as the New South Wales Health Minister and from politics on Tuesday - paving the way for more by-elections in coming months for the relatively new Premier Gladys Berejiklian. So what does the outgoing Health Minister leave for her successor? And can the new Premier handle yet another by-election on top of her already seemingly limitless responsibilities? The Daily was joined by Sean Nicholls, State Political Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.


Produced by Hans Andersen 

Transgenders models breaking barriers

Are we on the cusp of a new era of gender diversity for catwalks around the world?

In our increasingly progressive society, transgender models are breaking the barriers of conventional modelling. From Australia's first openly transgender model Gemma Cowling to Anjali Lama who walked the Lakme Fashion Week just last month, this kind of worldwide trend could signal a new era of gender diversity.

Producer Sofia Carvajal joined Adrian in the studio to discuss the ever changing era of gender diversity.


Producer: Sofia Carvajal

How Music Benefits Growing Children

Research has shown informal music-making at a young age is having a positive affect on mental growth. Dr. Liam Viney from The University of Queensland talks to Adrian to find out more.

Producer: James Hill

T.W.I.S.T. - This Week in Science Today

This week in science today, Adrian and Jesse Hawley of the CSIRO talk about studies on rats brains and some towering termite mounds.

Producer: Adrian Walton

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