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WomenWeeHoursBy mothers, for everyone: a thoughtful and lively look at motherhood, womanhood, parenthood, and childhood. Talk, laughter, and music.

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In Celebration of Mothers, Carers, and Villages: Women of the Wee Hours, 13 May 2016

Starla and Cherry are back to celebrate mothers and women after a wee hiatus. Groovy music and a bit of political commentary too!

Brush Your Teeth: Women Of The Wee Hours, 27 November 2015

Cherry and dentist guest Dr Ish discuss the ins and outs of teeth. Is it more important to brush your teeth at night or in the morning or both? Are dummies really bad? Are electric toothbrushes really better? Listen up to find these answers and more. 

Future Motherhood: Women Of The Wee Hours, 20 November 2015

Join Starla and guests Cathy and Emma as they muse on impending motherhood: the joys and the challenges.  

Posthumous advice, lice (again!) and starting school: Women Of The Wee Hours, 13 November 2015

Cherry and Starla chat about the incredible Rosie Batty, Caitlin Moran's posthumous advice, lice (again, arrghhh!) and starting school interspersed with some lovely music. 


What is a doula? Women Of The Wee Hours, 6 November 2015

What is a doula? Find out when Cherry and Starla interview the mellifluous Jerusha Sutton about her work as a doula, birth photographer and Heartfelt photographer. Trigger warning: the last 10 minutes of our show discusses stillbirth and the death of children. 

Let's Celebrate the 60s: Women Of The Wee Hours, 23 October 2015

Cherry's flying solo again and taking a trip through the 60s. Fancy getting down with a bit of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys? Come on you know you want to!  

Music around the globe: Women Of The Wee Hours, 16 October 2015

As the only Women of the Wee Hours this week Cherry takes us on a musical journey around the globe again. Listen up for some great tracks from artists from Germany, India and beyond. 

Around the World in 60 Minutes: Women of the Wee Hours, 9 October 2015

Starla and Cherry circumnavigate the globe in music and events -- listen to music from all the continents (including, loosely, Antarctica) and hear about important events around the world this week, including Light up the Night, Mental Health Week, and events to stop gun violence.

First Memories: Women Of The Wee Hours, 2 October 2015

Cherry and Mic dredge the recesses of their mind to liberate their earliest memories. What was your earliest memory? Join Women Of The Wee Hours for a stroll down memory lane - first memories, first emotions and scars and their associated memories. 

Women of the Wee Hours Goes Golden: Our Fiftieth Show! 25 September 2015

Celebrating their 50th show, Starla, Mic, Cherry and Rina face off on body image, work life balance, and women in the workplace. And Starla gets some awesome advice from Mic on how to reign in her daughter. And to further celebrate this golden anniversary, you'll hear only songs with "Fifty" in the title! 

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