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Russian Nudes - A story about erotic photography

The Russian Nude is a photography exhibition of work by Arkadiy Kozlovskiy. Sadly, he passed away in 2014, this exhibition shows his work spanning 2010-2014. It actually opens tonight. To tell me about it, Matt is joined by the artist's daughter, Maria Kozlovskai.

Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes

Well before the hipster invasion, the nineties in Australia were not particularly known for their style, being more synonymous with the Shane Warne mullet and Alexander Downer in fishnet stockings. Luckily to rectify the problem, Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes appeared on the local scene, producing a smooth and textured music that was different from the avalanche of power-chords tearing through amplifiers at the time. On the line we have the Coral Snakes frontman, "the silver fog", "the man in black", "the best dressed chicken in town," Mr Dave Graney.

Parramatta Girls - The Play

It's been described as both joyous and harrowing, but Parramatta Girls is a stirring story about the inmates of the Girls Training School that used to exist in Parramatta. With a string of abuse allegations following a senate inquiry in 2001, it's history is marred with controversy.

Now the story has been turned into a play, written by Alana Valentine, which places us at a reunion with 8 former residents of the Home, reminiscing on their childhood.

The play is currently showing at the Star of the Sea theatre in Manly and today Mick was joined by director Geoff Cartwright. 

Alexa Dexa And Her Different Sound

As a child, we were all given little musical instruments to play on. Those brightly coloured toy pianos and bells with the little mallets that we tormented our parents with.

Well they don't have to be weapons of torture.! They can be used to make beautiful music, and that is exactly what Alexa Dexa does in combination with electronic sounds. From New York City, and in the midst of a huge international tour, she popped into the studio, instruments in hand, and gave us a little sample of her sweet music. 

You can catch Alexa tomorrow night at the Petersham Bowling Club at 8pm, and next Tuesday night at Lazy Bones. 

Jordan Nguyen

Controlling things with your mind or eyes may seem like something out of a supernatural movie but Dr Jordan Nguyen is making it a reality but using the powers for good. With 4.3 million Australians living with some form of a disability and 1.4 million Australians with a severe disability Jordan founded 'Psykinetic' that is changing the lives of people with disability. 

Caiti Baker

Continuing on from our chat about the Gumball Festival last week, we are excited to present an artist that is on the bill that you should really be checking out when you head up to Dashville next month!

You may remember Caiti Baker as the soulful half of Sietta who released a couple of great albums and toured the country, but now Caiti has gone solo singing the music that she grew up with and spinning around the country including some amazing supports and just recently at Womadelaide!

Izmz Mag

Now, in the age of social media, where everyone and anyone can have the power to write and share their unique voice through articles and photographs. Izmz Magazine, founded by two friends from Sydney, Olivia and Ebony, aims to do just this, through their online magazine, videos and social media, showcasing the many belief systems or "isms" in society.

Playlist - 28th March

Carnival feat. Randy Valentine + Soils - Mista Savona
Winner Take Nothing - Dirty Projectors
Romanticized Catastrophe - Sallie Ford

Youth Underemployment At An All Time High

Youth underemployment is a big issue that you may not think of often. It affects many young Australian's, probably including the young person who just served you at maccas, and it also impacts the older generations.

Farrah Farouque joined Lucy Ross on the Drive Show to discuss youth underemployment and its effects on young Australians.

Produced by Olivia Freeman

Lolly Lowdown - Kellogg's Apple Jacks & Freeze-Dried Ice Cream!

This week on the lowdon, Bryce, Nash and new-recruit Natalie give you 4-1-1 on a 'breakfast cereal' with a whopping 44% sugar content! The team also give their thoughts on the various pros and (many) cons of eating astronaut food on earth!


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