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Playlist: Thursday February 23

Will Halliday - Lay You Down
Minor Victories - For You Always (Orchestral Variations)
Jen Mize - Neon Graveyard
Jens Lekman - How we Met The Long Version
Urthboy - Crushing Hard

Stories from Springfield 32

Stories from Springfield is the newest Simpsons-themed segment on Thursday Drive. It aims to provide a link between satire in The Simpsons and our own real world.

Some people eat pies whilst not involved involved in a large, professional sporting match, others eat them whilst they are. This episode describes the latter group of people.

Architecture of The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera house is certainly an iconic landmark, for Australians and internationally. It's hard for to consider, but, at one point, the opera house was nothing more than an architect's sketch. It seems like such an Australian image, but the architect, Jorn Utzon, drew architectural inspiration from some very interesting places. To tell us about it, we were joined by Professor Xing Ruan, a Professor of architecture at UNSW.

Green Living Centre launching new movie series

Have you been thinking that you'd like to be a more environmentally conscious global citizen, but don't know where to start? If so, this podcast are for you, because we talked about sustainability in our own city. The Green Living Centre in Newtown aims to promote sustainable living and they have a cool new movie series. To tell us about it, a Senior Environment Officer, Pilar Angon.
You can find more information about Green Living Centre and their activities here.


The Mardi Gras Film Festival showcases various types of LGBTQ+ stories from all around the world. Last year, French-Canadian film '1:54' hit the festival circuit, and gained accolades for the film's director, Yan English about bullying in schools and teen sexuality.

Yan joined us in the studio to talk more about the film's themes and the powerful reactions he'd gotten from viewers. 

'1:54' is screening tonight at 6:15pm at Event Cinema's George Street. Tickets can be found here

The Clouds

Jodi Phillis and Trish Young were the voices of The Clouds and they brought to life a band that brought NZ and Australia together with some rock-pop that the scene was needing. 

Clouds will play their first headline Sydney show in three years, launching their  'Zaffre' EP at the Newtown Social Club on Friday, March 31st.

Date your Race

On the eve of SBS' documentary event 'Date your Race', Mick chats to journalist and host Santilla Chingaipe, who gets real about racial preferencing whilst dating. 

'Date my Race' airs on SBS on Monday night as a part of 'Face up to Racism week'. 

This Week In Sport (With Joel Cassim)

If you enjoy watching Australia get beaten at cricket, we sure hope you have been watching the T20 games against Sri Lanka. 

Perhaps seeing Australian Rugby League teams getting beat is more your thing? Well, that's what the World Club Challenge is for!

Mick and Joel talk sport in a way that only they can, enjoy! 

Horrorshow Bring Us Bardo State

Adit and Solo from Horrorshow joined Mick for a chat today, as they enter their second decade as a group with their 4th album.

The boys discuss what it was like making the new record, who they got to collaborate with, and what Bardo State means to them! 

Playlist - February 21st

Only God Knows ft Leigh Congregational Choir - Young Fathers
Love feat. Ashley Bundang - The Ocean Party
Letting Go - Sodastream

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