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DJ and Producer Hober Mallow presents Mighty Reel, Friday afternoons 2-4 on 2Ser. Bringing a bag-full of Disco, Boogie, Funk, Soul and Electronic grooves, with a tasty dose of edits and reworks to boot. From classics and obscurities, to fresh sounds from all corners, with guest mixes from friends and more. 

107.3 Fm and

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Mighty Reel March 17 2017

Far out Monster Disco Orchestra - Vendetta (Al Kent Mix)

Ramsey and Co - Love Call

Chord Memory Band - Third Eye 

The Posse - S.A.M

James Brown - Mind Power (Pied Piper Regroove)

DJ'S - You're whats missing in my life 

Banda Favela - Samba De lle (Wei Wan 4/4 Mix)

Los Charly's Orchestra - Descarga Cachao - (Juan Laya and Jorge Montiel mix)

 Kiwi - We are here

Tensnake - Machines

Christian Prommer - Tin Man (Richard Dorfmeister and Stefan Obermaier mix)

Chord Memory Band - Marco

Audio Dropout - Jazzy Blues

Trujillo - 4 more

David Marston and Brigitte Zozu - Giving up on you (FSQ Mix)

Ann Margaret - Need somebody (Pied Piper Mix)

The Barking Dogs - Your High (feat Tom Trago)

Holy Balm - Holy Balm Theme

AKA - Ehehuh 3

1000 Ohm - Love in motion

Antonio Dos Santos - - Djal Bai Sin Camin

Delegation - Oh Honey

Al Kent - So good



Mighty Reel March 10 2017 w/

Guest mix - Andrew Elston (The Posse, Physique)

Hotmood - My name is partytime

Family Tree - Family Tree

Dirtytwo - Time and space 

Cisco Cisco - Jazzy Days (Ron Basejam mix)

Lemy Lepard - Vibin Dub 

Chris Stussy - Ladies Night 

Leroy Burgess - Barely Breakin Even 

zoi joi - Just watcha like 

Cornell CC - Sunshine (Dj Spen remix)

Dan Kye - Change 

The Posse - "Ronny, Pauly and Vinnie (unreleased)

Bobby Humphrey - Chicago, Damn

Tupac - Old School (Sneak-E-Pete edit)

Odyssey - Dont tell her

Fany Havest - That day

Jose Casimiro - Morti Sta Bidjacu 

Quirino do canto - Mini di Mama 

Bougie Soliterre - Superficial (dub)

Gavin Froome - Feeling out 

Sneaker DJ - Im a cliche edit 77

Lalo Schifrin - Quiet Village 

Mave and Dave - You are delicious 

Lupita - Easy

Stanley Clarke - Heaven Sent you(dub)

Rufus feat Chaka Khan - Stay (Frankee More edit)

Mim Suleiman - Mingi





Mighty Reel March 3 2017

Alena - Higher (Yam Who Mix)

Chewy Rubs - Funky in the place (Discoable mix)

Gayle Adams - Im warning you (Loshmi Edit)

Disco Funk Spinner - Boogie Chase 

Mann Friday - Love Honey, Love Heartache

Vincent Montana Jr - It looks like Love (Rafael Cancian edit)

Alex and His Soul Messengers - Hail to Guyana (Re-edit)

 Milton Hamilton - My love supreme 

COEO - Back in the days

Latest Craze feat Joseph Chetty - I'm loving tonight

Dee Edwards - I can deal with that 

Muslimgauze - Uzi Mahmood 8

The temptations - Shakey ground (RocknRolla edit)

Daryl Yahudy - Virtuous 

Freekwency - Just for two 

Joan Biblioni - The boogie (Ray Mang edit)

Art of tones - Don't need no more

Tempest Trio - Do you like the way that it feels 

Barbara Norris - Heavy Hitter (Dope beasts dub)

Valery Allington - Stop


Mighty Reel February 24

Curtis Mayfield - Give me your love 

Nathan Bartell - Top going down bottom going up

JB Boogie - My Love 

Sofian Rouge - Starglazer (Fabrizio Mammarelli remix)

Henri Le Blanc - Want me , Hold me

Voices in my head (Karim Edit)

Duffmusiq - Solace

Nick Forrest - Sort you out 

Leon Collins - Just wanna say I love you (John Luongo mix)

Red Rack em - Kos Mich

COEO - Torrow 

Brookside Chase - A form of life

Maroshi Sumo - Hanyuk 

Sanmi - Zoot

Plains - Brookyln

Sard Boogie - One on Boogie 

C Da Afro - Lets get together 

William Onyeabor - Why go to war (Jayo edit)

Maxdal - Vintage Machine

P Hayman - One thing (Caratgold edit)

DJ Soup - Know the sequence 

The Clash - Magnificent Seven (J-ski edit)






Mighty Reel February 17th 2017

Kaidi Tatham - Chui Mui

The Brothers Nylon - Shove it in my mouth

Floor Wax (dL edit)

Bar Kays - Holy Ghost (RocknRolla SS edit)

Another Man (Total M Edit)

Moullinex and T Flowers - Oopen House

Gary Gritness - Countin up with Starr

Quinella - Your place or mine (Dj Xs Edit)

 Izo Fitzroy - Hope you can wait (Hot Toddy Dub)

Sam and Gigi - Paradise 

Nick Holder - Sometimes im blue (Marzattacks edit)

Amp Fiddler - Soul fly pt 2 (eli Escobar remix)

The Casual-Aires - Thunderbird 

Chico and Buddy - Can you dig it 

Del Dongo - Samscience 

Safoehn Djeni - Mahu wo Asie 

Myriam Makenwa - Amampondo

Wasamaye Rock Group - Wasamaye

Neville Esson - Wicked and dreadful 

Brandon - Saudade de Seville

Kaidi Tatham - Seasoned Clouds 

Matsu Mixu - Twisted Flora 

Dam Funk - Break out 

Baba Stiltz - Snow White 

Funky Transport - Let u down

Prince - Uptown - Total M Edit)

Rene Breitbarth - Kasak 


Mighty Reel Hot Bloody Friday Feb 10 2017

Tommy McGhee - Now that I have you 

Lucky Brown - Justice 

Mitiko - Sweet Sticky Thing

Gary Gritness - Pool Shark Loot

Mr Absolutt - Night Driver 

Sweet Somebody (Total M Edit)

Rosetta Hightower - Rocking Chair (Dj Xs Edit)

Lumoon and Robin - La Papaye

Teddy P - Only You (Smart Edit)

Shunters - (dL Edit)

Nick Forrest - Your part feat Kyle Horsley and D.Roc

Nick Forrest - Take it slow 

+_+_+_+_+_ Guest Mix DEAN DIXON +_+_+_+_+_

Love and Money (Jarvis and the Reflex Edit)

Audrey Funk - Deseos 

Gap Band - Oops Upside your head 

Jaako Eino Kalevi  -  Zensation

 Andres Cymone - Dance electric 

 Fort Romeau - Insides (Roman Fluegel Mix)

Dele Sosimi - You no fit touch 

DJ Spun - Help me save the day 

Ashford and Simpson - Lesson in Love (edit)

Change - Glow of Love 


Mighty Reel February 3rd 2017

Claduio Vita - Arame 

Marina Gallardo - Golden ears (M.Rux edit)

Brother Ali - Talkin my shit (instrumental)

AMAS - Slow down 

Rocktown Express - Nobody's Man

Diazpora - Nap Extra Long

I.G - Disco Power

Afrodisiac Sound Systemt EP #4 - track A2

Amp Fiddler - Too High (White label mix?)

Rick Wade - Anger Component

Arthur Verocai - Ma Boca Do Sol

Brandon - The Jungle Book

Seven Star - Gender Affection instrumental

Mandrill - Happy Beat 

Kaoru Inoue - The secret Field (Todd Terje Edit)

Macro City - James Rod Rework 

Ashford and Simpson - It seems to hang on

Con Funk Shun - Got to be enough

Voilaa - On te Levait (DFP edit)

Demuir - Derrick, Body Movin

Noar Shulaim - Tzairi Lach Safam (Gal Kaden edit)

Marianne Rosenbewrg - Herz Aus Glas 

Stix Hooper - Gimme some space


Mighty Reel January 27 2017

George Kelly - Turn it up

Dam Funk - Hazy Stomp

Dam Funk - Your house 

Gino Soccio - Try it out

Robotalco - Tangerine dream edit

Isolee - Mangrove 

Buckley - Rendition (Dunker dub)

Buckley - Rendition (Jaegerossa remix)

Well cut jazz workshop - Cherries (Trumpet strip dub)

Dj Deece - Ritual (Disco Mixx)

Mickey Oliver - feat Russoul - Just a tease (Hypnotic lovers remix)

Bomp - Take me high

Orgone - Bulletproof

J Star - Bad Boy (Mo Matic Remix)

MIster T - View from

Shuggie Otis - Outta my head (dL edit)

Wetty Bright - Slip and do it (feels so good edit)

Dedication - Pito Deep

Golden Echoes - Packing a grip

Edseven - Broadside

Tee Mac - Living everyday 

Jungle Wonz - The Jungle 

Eric Lanz - Hey Petit Couer 

Red Rack em - Wonky Bassline Disco Banger -

Lalo Schiffrin - Ape Shuffle 

Frank Cunimondo - Trio - Weve only just begun 


Mighty Reel January 20 2017

Inkswel - For Jah

Mitiko - Let U No

Mitiko - Unificatio

Roger Collins - Pretty Little Girls 

Brand New - Party Time

Colomach - Enoviyin 

Diazpora - Kinshasa Strut

William Onyeabor - Good Name

 Dj Steef - Palpitany

Arthur Russell - Make 1,2

Bernard Wright - Who do you love (Aimes edit)

 Dedication - Let me rock you

DJ Steef - Canebiere Man (Survet Mix)

The Black Madonna - He is the voice I hear

 Kryptonicdjs - Paper Jazz

Roundabout Records - Wooden Doll

Denroy Morgan - I'll do anything for you

Brief Encounter - Human Nature (The Players Union edit)

JM - Kalimba Tree (remix???)

Inkswel - Visions of Life

AB Sextet - Holding On

Dennis Coffey - Casanova



Mighty Reel January 13 2016

The Groovers - Clouds 

Mitiko - I need you

Erdbeerschnitzel - Let go

Yam Who - Romance the Edit

New Kind of Medicine - Disco Dubb Edit

Nightdubbing - Frontline

I-Cube - Adore 

Normie Rowe - Shakin all over

The Hombres - Let it out (Prince Klassen edit)

Willie Wright - Im so happy (Casbah 73 edit)

Julius Brockington - This feeling (Casbah 73 edit)

Deepchild - Swinglow 

Deepchild - For a reason

16b - For C 

Sandy Barber - Think ill do some steppin on my own

MBT - You know too much (TV Rub)

Massimo Voci - Thaleau

Detroit Grand Pubah's - Sandwiches - Secret button bureau bootleg)

Mint - The Mint (Hober Mallow flavour edit)

Mr Potato Head - EP side b

Chateau Flight - Cosmic Race

Roberto Occhipinti - Trinacria

Albion - Die Marinette Der Zeit

Nu Funk Organisation - Eat em up


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