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The Chat interviews outstanding graduates from the University of Technology, Sydney who have excelled in their profession or community.

From CEOs to SCs, fashion designers to forensic scientists, The Chat gets graduates back on Broadway to share their stories.

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(2017) Season 2 Episode 42: Anna Wright

Think you know what being an accountant entails? Anna Wright will change your mind. She comes from a background in chartered accounting, and has worked with firms like Ernst & Whinney and Ernst & Young.

More recently she has been studying, teaching and researching at UTS where she has won the Accounting Students' Teaching Award and the Excellence in Accounting Research Award (twice).

Now she is developing her own app, having won seed funding to develop a new guide for visually impaired people.

(2017) Season 2 Episode 41: Khai Ngo

Khai is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of the Australia Vietnam Leadership Dialogue, an initiative that trains young leaders in maintaining the relationship between Australia and Vietnam.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Management from UTS, and has worked extensively in the area of community engagement and leadership.

Khai was born into a refugee camp in Thailand, and was raised by his mother who had fled the Vietnam War, before resettling in Australia.

He says it's still difficult to get all the details of what led them to this point, but visiting Vietnam for the first time helped him fill in a few of the blanks.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 40: Franny Peters-Little

Frances Peters-Little is a Kamilaroi/Uralarai woman with many stories to tell.

During her time at the University of Technology Sydney she was a driving force behind the establishment of Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, and was one of the first Indigenous students to graduate.

As a trustee of the Jimmy Little Foundation she continues her fathers legacy, working to improve access to health care in Indigenous communities.

But she has also been a historian, academic, film-maker and musician; seeking to share her story and the stories of those she admires.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 39: Kim McKay

Kim McKay is all about sharing the things she's passionate about, and as Director and CEO of the Australian Museum, she does this every day.

Not only is she the first woman to take on the role, she is also the first to do so without a professional background in science. It's her unique experience in PR that allows her to release the potential of the museum's more than 10 million artefacts, all of which, she says, have a unique story to tell.

But Kim's story doesn't start at the museum, having played a role in the creation of Clean Up Australia: an event that has become an Australian tradition and has spread around the world.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 38: Lisa Annese

Diversity Council Australia is a not-for-profit organisation working to advise businesses in Australia on their workplace diversity.
Their CEO Lisa Annese started off as a graduate in banking, but soon realised her passion lies in breaking down stigma and inequality in the workplace. Now she works with organisations to combat the bias, both conscious and unconscious, that keeps minority groups from getting ahead.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 37: Daniel Stone

If you own a television or computer, you've probably seen Daniel's work. As the Director of Principle Co. he has been involved in the crafting of campaigns for the Australian Labor Party (during federal and state campaigns) and organisations like the Cancer Council and Youth Action.

Before this he dabbled in the realm of journalism and research, both of which inform his work today. To talk power, politics and the role of the messenger, Daniel Stone joined us back on Broadway.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 36: Arron Child

Have you ever been watching television and advertisement comes on that just sticks with you?

It could be for anything, a smart phone, sunglasses or even a toothbrush, and you start to ask yourself - why am I so emotionally invested in this product?

Arron Child is a neuromarketer and the brains trust behind some of these powerful marketing campaigns.

Arron completed a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney, but before reaching where he is now was pursuing a completely different path.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 35: Cathy Craigie

Cathy Craigie is a Gomeroi and Anaiwon woman form Northern NSW with over 30 years experience working in Aboriginal affairs. She was one of the original founders and driving forces behind Koori Radio, and has held key roles in the Australia Council and the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs. But she is also a writer and story teller and has been awarded the prestigious New South Wales Aboriginal Arts fellowship for 2016. To talk culture at home and around the world, high and low and everything in between, I met Cathy in her favourite cafe in Marrickville.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 34.2: Frances Hughes

Imagine if getting medical advice was as easy as going to the supermarket. Well In parts of the United States, it is, with some stores taking on nurses as staff. This is just one of the ideas Dr Frances Hughes brought back to Broadway for the Chat.

Frances is the Chief Executive Officer for the International Council of Nurses. She has previously held senior leadership positions with the World Health Organisation and, most recently, as Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer for the Queensland Department of Health.

(2016) Season 2 Episode 34: Nadine Ismiel-Nash

If you were a kid relatively recently, or have been around kids in recent years you might know of NitWits, an Australian head lice treatment range.

Well Nadine actually invented that product!

She is a product development manager at Sue Ismiel & Daughters- a family business that developed in the kitchen and went global.

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