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logoblack All the latest loud noise from around the world,  broken down, smashed around, and repackaged  for your listening pleasure

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Loud Noise Full Show 26th Feb

The full episode of Loud Noise for the 26th of we are going to talk the week in politics and we're going to patch our political gymnastics reporter Will Koulouris through in just a moment. There's also the usual silliness, stings and stories, so keep your ears peeled.

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Will Koulouris @WillKoulouris Hannah Southcott @HanSouthcott

Loud Noise Full Episode 19th Feb

The full episode of Loud Noise for the 19th of February - featuring a truly eclectic mix of some of our most important stories, songs and sketches!

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Will Koulouris @WillKoulouris Hannah Southcott @HanSouthcott

Euthanasia pt. 3 - Involuntary Euthanasia

Euthanasia is a topic that gets discussed by everyone from ethicists, to everyday folk, who might be getting on in life.

Everyone, from young to old, to religious and nonreligious has a differing and varying opinion on the sacredness of life, the importance of autonomy and whether or not euthanasia can be legalised safely and fairly.

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Hannah Southcott @HanSouthcott

Australia's Agriculture needs Free Trade and Foreign Investment

For as long as there has been agriculture in Australia, after the European settlement in 1788, foreign investment has remained crucial to ensuring the viability of the industry.

The need for foreign investment has also brought with it those, who either politically or via personal principle, are vehemently opposed to what they view as non-Australians coming to take ownership of their lands, and as such legislative measures have been established to oversee, overseas investors.

Will Koulouris chatted with Former Trade Minister Andrew Robb, partner in charge of Asia at KPMG, Doug Ferguson, and Hannah Bretherton of China Matters to explain...

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Will Koulouris @WillKoulouris

Loud Noise Full Episode 12th Feb

The full episode of Loud Noise for hte 12th of February, featuring Andrew Robb talking foreign investment in Australian Ag, politics in general, Turnbull's attack on Shorten and the latest installment of the euthanasia series.

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Will Koulouris @WillKoulouris Hannah Southcott @HanSouthcott

Mark Latham talks Trump

Mark Latham joined Will Koulouris to talk Trump, China, and Australian leadership's incessant need to engage in the ancient art of identity politics.

Trigger warning folks, if you're a bleeding heart liberal, or an alt-right brigade puppet, this might be too hot to handle.

Will started by asking Latham, does he think there's any chance that Australia is going to adopt a more protectionist policy, considering Donald Trump, and also the trade deals with China, and Australia?


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Loud Noise Full Episode 5th Feb

The full episode of Loud Noise featuring Mark Latham, Will shooting the shit and lots of political noise.

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Will Koulouris @WillKoulouris

Foreign Investment in Australia Needs an Overhaul: Experts

Australian foreign investment process underwent major changes on Monday, with the unveiling of the Critical Intelligence Centre (CIC), designed to allow Australia's intelligence agencies to assess national assets for "red flags", triggering national security risks for foreign bids.

But anti-foreign investment sentiment still pervades Australian society, and is fueled by the second coming of controversial populist Senator Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party.

Will Koulouris sat down with Dr Jeremy Wilson of Murdoch University, Chris Berg of the Institute for Public Affairs, and Danny Thomas, Director of Agribusiness at CBRE, and got their take.

- Will Koulouris


Full Loud Noise Episode 29th January

For this full episode of Loud Noise, we take a look at women's rights through the ages, have a quick look at how President Trump handled his first interview as president and have a look at the pros and cons of foreign investment in Australia.

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Will Koulouris @WillKoulouris Hannah Southcott @HanSouthcott

Women's Rights

If Pauline Hanson had been born in Pakistan, or Iran, or Afghanistan, she would definitely never have been a politician, a single parent, a business owner or divorced.

It's easy to look at these countries, and assume that they have always been this way, that women actually have it better now than they did decades ago. But, in very few cases is that actually true.

In fact, it seems that whenever there is an overthrowing of the government, or a significant change in politics, women are the ones who end up being stripped of their rights and thrown back into the dark ages.

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