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5 tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Sick of buying plastic, unenvironmentally friendly toys for your sisters annoying newborn?

Worried about how much wrapping paper you'll be using when stockpiling presents for your extended family (who you only see once a year anyway)?

Are you so over seafood at Xmas lunch and realise how many people must be buying it in the same week and feel guilty about how we're stripping the oceans bare of cute little fishies and crabs and prawns and lobsters and oysters because of the high demand for seafood around Christmas time?

Well, feel better about your Christmas spending and consumption as we chat to Green Living Centre and ask them for their 5 tips for a more sustainable Christmas!

What laws protect the environment around us?

You've heard about international efforts to tackle climate change, like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, but what laws are at work closer to home?

Emily Ryan is the Outreach Officer for the Environmental Defender's Office NSW (EDO NSW) and she spoke to Ellen Leabeater about how environment laws in NSW work.

She started off by explaining a concept called wild law - and whether we will ever see it embedded in our laws.

Sussing out sharks before they reach the shore

Summer swimmers and beach-goers in Australia always have sharks in the back of their mind, but what if there was a way we could detect them before they swim too close to shore?

A new technology has been trialled in Port Stephens, New South Wales called 'Clever Buoy' which uses sonar technology to trace out shark figures in the water and notify those of their presence back on shore. 

But how can these technologies differentiate a shark from a seaweed cluster that might closely resemble a shark?

Think: Sustainability - 16 December 2016

Get a little nutty with your spending around Christmas time? This week we take a hard look at consumption and spending during the festive season and even through in some tips to green up your holiday break. Also, a new tracking technology that could help us detect sharks before they swim too close into shore.

Leaving a green trail behind you this Christmas

The festive season tends to bring out the crazy in everyone - people go mad for decorations, Christmas lunches and most of all gift spending. 

But what if you knew your annual senseless purchases were actually going to good use and not thrown under the bed on Boxing Day?

The Good Xmas Trail showcases some of Melbourne's finest social enterprises around Christmas time, giving you an alternative to buying those crumby, plastic doodads that your younger cousin will never play with.

US not yet ratified Paris Agreement, but everyone thinks they have

The United Nations Climate Conference in Marrkesch, otherwise known as COP22 wrapped up at the end of November this year, with some of the world's largest carbon emitting countries still not having ratified their targets detemined at last years summit. 

Former US President Barrack Obama came out saying in September that the US' nationally determined emissions reductions target would be ratified, but for that to pass through in legislation two-thirds of the US Senate has to approve it - which they have not yet done. 

Ian McGregor is a Professor in the University of Technology Sydney Business School and regular attendee of the UN Climate Conferences and came on Think: Sustainability to talk how likely America will ratify the Paris Agreement under a Trump presidency.

My first trip to Antarctica

Three years ago, research scientist Jess Melbourne-Thomas undertook her first voyage to Antarctica.

As an ecosystems modeller, Jess was resarching some of the smallest organisms on the planet such as algaes and phytoplankton, using computer models to plot out how things like climate change could effect their very way of life.

In this story, Jess details for voyage from start to finish from preparing their departure, the seven day trip over sea and dealing with the coldness and dryness of the Antarctic climate. 

Think: Sustainability - 11 December 2016

Ever wondered what a trip to Antarctica would be like? This week we speak to Jess Melbourne Thomas, a research scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division about her trip and tumbles down to the most challenging continent on Earth. Also, what will America's policy towards climate change look like under a Trump presidency?

Forget Airbnb, rent a kitchen instead

By this point you've probably taken an Uber, got your dinner delivered by Deliveroo or stayed in an Airbnb on your overseas adventure - but have you ever rented out a kitchen space?

Startup Sprout Kitchens is nicely nestling itself into the growing sharing economy by offering cooks and food producers a place to whip up their dishes and shoot it out to consumers without the upfront costs of purchasing a restuarant space. 

James Jordan is the co-founder of Sprout Kitchens and joined Think: Sustainability to chat recognising a gap in the restuarant and food delivery market and why old school restuarants might need to jump on this bandwagon.

Governmental review could erode Australian marine parks

A world standard suggests we need at least 20% of the marine environment fully protected worldwide - currently, less than one per cent is protected. 

A governmental review is re-evaluating the role marine parks play in Australia, which provide crucial oases for countless aquatic species. 

The review has marine scientists and ecologists around the country concerned that other interests, such as the fishing and ecotourism industry, could take precedence over the environmental conservation of these areas.

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