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Final Draft is a space on the air where big names of arts and culture sit cheek-by-jowl with those just beginning to make their mark. Each week we serve up a mix of interviews with writers, reviews of new, classic and cult titles, readings of original work, short features and documentaries, and news about literary events, prizes and publishing opportunities.

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Saturday March 11th - Non-fiction Dates and Smells

Today on the show we're exploring the world of non-fiction writing (y'know, thjat other part of the bookstore) with two works from prominent Australian writers.

The Helen 100 takes us into Helen Razer's world as she seeks to bounce back from break up by going on one hundred dates in a year. What do BDSM, libraries and home delivery bbq chicken have in common? You'll just have to listen in to find out!

Kate Grenville has always been plagued by headaches at odd times, but it is only recently she discovered that it is artificial fragrences destroying her peace of mind. The Case Against Fragrance explores the plethora of smells we douse ourselves in each day, and the potential harm they are doing to our bodies.

Produced by Andrew Pople

Saturday March 4th - New Australian Fiction

Today on th3e show discover two new Australian novels... 

The Things We Promise is from celebrated young adult fiction novelist J.C. Burke. Taking us back to 1990, The Things We Promise explores one family's struggle to come to terms with HIV and the growing stigma within the community.

To the Sea is the debut novel from Christine Dibley. Set on Tasmania's rugged coast it is a mystery with a difference as we struggle to decide what is real and what is mythology...

Produced by Andrew Pople

Gig Guide...

The All About Women Festival is on the Sydney Opera House this Sunday and it features a host of extraordinary literary talent including Clementine Ford, Zoe Norton Lodge and Julia Baird.

All About Women Festival 

Sunday March 5th

Sydney Opera House 

Tix from

Saturday February 25th - The Inaugural Australian Classics Book Club!

Welcome to the inaugural Final Draft Australian Classics Book Club!

The Australian Classics Book Club explores Australian writing from across our history and delves into the stories that have helped define us as a nation.

Starting off the book club Text Publishing senior editor David Winter joins Andrew to discuss 'The Women in Black' from Madeleine St John.

St John is something of a recluse of Australian writing. Her published career was short; four novels over six years when she was already in her fifties. She became the first Australian Woman shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1997 for her third novel 'The Essence of the Thing'. For our first book club we'll be discussing Madeleine St John's first novel 'The Women in Black'.

Published in 1993, 'The Women in Black' takes us back to Sydney of the late 50's and Goodes department store. There we enter the realm of Ladies Cocktail Frocks and the rarified air of Model Gowns at the zenith of the silly season and the onslaught of the post Xmas sales. In this dark satire we follow the lives of the women working to outfit Sydneysiders for the party season and the turns of their lives at the cusp of the sixties.

Produced by Andrew Pople

Saturday February 18th - Supernatural!

This week on the show we delve into the supernatural with two new Aussie authors releases!

Maria Lewis brought us Who's Afraid last year introducing Tommi Grayson; a blue haired werewolf discovering her fangs in a strange new world. Well Tommi is back and Who's Afraid Too? sees her in Berlin taking on a whole new level of evil!

IDA is the debut novel from Alison Evans. It complicates the coming of age idea with parallel worlds! What if every decision could be taken again? Except your other selves didn't like the consequences and came looking for you?

It's supernatural fun of the literary kind...

Produced by Andrew Pople

Full Interview - Adrian McKinty 'Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly'

Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly is the sixth title in Adrian McKinty's successful Sean Duffy series. Set in Northern Ireland at the heart of Ireland's Troubles, the series explores unusual crimes in a blasted landscape titling toward entropy...

Wondering about Duffy's moral code?

Curious about where Adrian McKinty gets his titles?

Dying to know whether Duffy would actually like Radiohead?

Andrew and Adrian had a wide ranging conversation about everything from Irish history, music and the twee stereotypes of Ireland he's forced to deal with. Catch it all here for your listening pleasure!

Produced by Andrew Pople 


Saturday February 11th - Adrian McKinty & Stella 2017

Today on the show...

Andrew is joined by Adrian McKinty to discuss the sixth book in his incredible Sean Duffy, Police at the Station and They Don't Look Friendly. Set amidst Northern Ireland's Troubles, the series follows a Catholic copper trying to uphold justice in a violent world. But has Duffy finally found his shallow hole in the woods?

Veronica Sullivan joins Andrew on the show to discuss the recently revealed Stella Prize longlist for 2017. Now in its fifth year the Stella Prize highlights the fantatsic wealth of women writers in Austrlai. Discover all the longlist titles and the Stella Count at

And what was that Andrew mentioned at the end there?!

Final Draft is starting an Australian Classics book club!

Debuting at the end of March we'll be exploring classic Australian titles, beginning with 'The Women in Black' by Madeleine St John. 

Stay tuned!!

Produced by Andrew Pople

Saturday February 4th - New Year, New Books...

Welcome Back to Final Draft for 2017!

We're looking forward to an exciting year of new releases and exciting literary happenings and today Andrew is starting strong with two fantastic books to discover...

The Trapeze Act is the debut novel from Libby Angel. Chronicling an ill fated expedition to discover elephants and an inland sea in nineteenth century South Australia paralleling the arrival of a faded circus to 1960's Adelaide, this is a fascinating novel exploring history and identity.

If you are in love with the magic of Paris To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin promises to transport you to the city of lights as a strange structure emerges from the Champs de Mars, polarising the citizenry. A sophisticated love story complicated by class and distance.

Produced by Andrew Pople

What's On!

In a new segment every week, Andrew will bring you a selection from events around Sydney to help you discover new books and writing...

On Tuesday the 7th of February Giant Dwarf hosts The Stella Sparks Party & Longlist Announcement. Join the Stella Prize as they embark on towards the 2017 prize with the longlist announced as well as entertainment and drinks to celebrate Australian Women Writers. 

The Stella Sparks Party & Longlist Announcement

Tuesday 7th February 6-8pm

Giant Dwarf Theatre,

199 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016

Tickets $30 / $25 concession available from

Saturday December 17th - Xmas Books!

It's our last show for the year!

Andrew is joined by best selling children's author Andy Griffiths to discuss the Productivity Commission's public inquiry into intellectual property arrangements in Australia. The draft report, released in April and the subsequent inquiry report may not sound like the usual literary fare we discuss on Final Draft, but their recommendations are potentially far-reaching for readers and lovers of Australian fiction.

Later in the show discover the joy of Xmas with Andrew and Nic Healy from 2ser Breakfast! Every week they get together and talk books and one of their recent discussions turned to what makes a good xmas read.

Merry Xmas to all the Final Draft book lovers! Final Draft will be back in 2017 with more of the best books from Australia and around the world...

Produced by Andrew Pople

Saturday December 10th - Writing the Environment

Discover Australia's remarkable natural environment today on the show...

Daintree from Annie Seaton is an activist romance that explores environmental exploitation in one of Australia's most loved rainforests.  

Then go back in time and discover the dinosaurs that roamed Australia's west in the new book for children Return of the Dinosaurs from author and illustrator Bronwyn Houston.

Produced by Andrew Pople

Saturday December 3rd - Songs That Sound Like...

On today's show...

Songs That Sound Like Blood is the latest novel from Jared Thomas. It's the story of Roxy May Redding. She's finishing high school in Port Augusta and trying to figure out what to do with her life. Most of her family and friends see Adelaide as the big smoke and don't understand why the town they grew up in isn't enough for her. Joining Adelaide Uni's Centre for Indigenous studies in music. For the first time in her life she's free to discover who she is, and what the world might hold for her.

Shaun Carney worked for thirty five years as a journalist at the Herald, the Age and the Herald Sun in Melbourne. Press Escape is Shaun's memoir of growing up and discovering life as a writer.

Produced by Andrew Pople

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