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Saturday June 25th - Musical Notes

This week Final Draft gets musical as we explore a musical memoir and a novel about the musicality of writing...

Michelle Leon is a founding member of seminal, late 80's punk band Babes In Toyland. She slept in the crowded van before they made their name, and left the band amidst tragic circumstnaces. 'I Live Inside - Memoir of a Babe in Toyland' is her story of fitting in and discovering who you are. She spoke with Andrew from her home in the US about revisiting the music and the events that shaped her.

Wood Green is the perfect writers retreat; the sort of place you either love, or quickly leave. Aspiring author Michael goes there to learn at the feet of his literary hero Lucian. What ensues is a fascinating rumination on creativity, writing and identity. Wood Green is the debut novel from Sean Rabin. Sean came in to the 2SER studios and spoke with Andrew.


'He's My Thing' from Babes in Toyland

'I'm Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill' from Grouper 

Produced by Andrew Pople

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