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Pauline Pantsdown/Simon Hunt In Conversation

When Simon Hunt unleashed his drag-dissident persona Pauline Pantsdown in 1997, few could have predicted Pantsdown would outlast her political prototype from Ipswich. A decade and a half later, the iconic satirist is still motivating thousands of social firebrands into action, with an inclusive agenda that goes way beyond Queer. For Sydney Gay + Lesbian Mardi Gras' Queer Thinking event, Simon Hunt joined interviewer Paris Pompor to talk about Pauline, his own life, early inspirations and passions. Using his trademark wit, Hunt provided insights into his colourful and fun approach to tackling injustice and merging of the political with the personal. The conversation took place at The Seymour Centre on 21 April 2015, co-presented by Groovescooter and 2SER. Click the image for photos and more

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