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Paul Mac & Jonny Seymour In Conversation

Long-time friends Paul Mac + Jonny Seymour (Kooky) have worked with everyone from LCD Soundsystem, Daniel Johns + Sia, to Bangarra Dance Company. Sought-after remixes/DJ sets as Stereogamous find them spreading beats + bear-hugs at Gay Pride around the world. With a new Paul Mac album due and a Kooky documentary & book in production, the pair joined journalist Paris Pompor to chat about the past, present + future, sharing insights into working realtionships whilst dropping eye-popping tour tales. The conversation happened at 2015's Queer Thinking (Seymour Centre) on 21 April, presented by Groovescooter & 2SER. Click image for more photos.

Apologies, both the audio recording and video have had to be removed due to privacy issues


Paul Mac + Jonny Seymour Stereogamous In Conversation Paris Pompor

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Paul Mac Jonny Seymour Sterogamous In Conversation Groovescooter 2SER

Jonny Seymour Kooky Paul Mac In Conversation

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