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Lee Ranaldo In Conversation

2SER and Groovescooter kicked off a new live Q & A series called In Conversation with Sonic Youth founding member Lee Ranaldo on October 19, 2012. The idea was to host intimate evenings where interesting creative people from around the world could talking freely and candidly about their work and lives outside the confines of time-restrictive radio interviews and to also provide 2SER supporters and friends with the opportunity to ask these artists their own questions. Speaking with 2SER Music Director Andrew Khedoori, Lee Ranaldo was not only full of great tales and insights on his time growing up in New York, becoming immersed in its alternative culture and life in Sonic Youth, but also gave us a poetry reading and acoustic performance. Lee Ranaldo In Conversation was held at The Green Room in Enmore, Sydney.

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All photos by photographer Joshua Morris

Green Room Lounge, October 19, 2013

Lee Ranaldo In Conversation Andrew Khedoori 2SER Groovescooter Sonic Youth

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