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Think: Health - Sunday, 07 July

By the time children in Australia have reached six moths, 55 per cent have received non-human milk or formula, according to a national survey. But with experts around the world encouraging breast milk only in this time, why is that rate so high? We talk to Jessica Appleton, PHD candidate in the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Health, about how parents make decisions when it comes to formula. Plus Tuberculosis is the world's number one infectious killer, and its not as far away as you think.

 Presenter: Ninah Kopel

Producers: Ninah Kopel & Sam King

Tamsin Lloyd – Working Mum
Jessica Appleton – PHD Candidate in the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Health
Dr Paul Mason - Research Fellow
Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine
Hamish, Australian living with Tuberculosis

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