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Catch up with all of our film interviews, previews and features here on Celluloid Dreams.

Breakfast Reviews: Ghost in the Shell & Land of Mine

This week Michael and Nic talk more 90's animation re-animated in "live action" form - Ghost in the Shell -  and tread carefully around Danish film Land of Mine.


Kevin Suarez Reviews: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Kevin's weekly review on the movies this week has us all 'charged up' when he tells us about Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

Produced by Kevin Suarez

Breakfast Reviews: Life and Beauty & the Beast

Things Tess and Michael took away from Beauty & the Beast and Life: If you want a woman to fall in love with you, just kidnap her, and Calvin is a really silly name for an alien life form. 


Breakfast Review: The Eagle Huntress

Michael and Nic discuss The Eagle Huntress, which swoops into cinemas today.


Killing Ground at Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow

2SER is a proud Presenting Partner of Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow here in Sydney, this year showcasing some of the world's finest cult and horror films in this four day film festival. Showing tonight, 10 March from 7pm is the Aussie Sundance hit Killing Ground with a Q&A with writer and director Damien Power. Killing Ground tells the story of a young couple gone camping for New Year's Eve but find another tent already set up but abandoned at their isolated camp ground, leading to a brutal and deadly game of cat and mouse.

Produced by Sean Britten 

The Daily Reviews: Kong Skull Island

This week, 2ser's resident film critic, Kevin Suarez joined 2ser for his monstersized review of Kong Skull Island, based on the classic tale of King Kong. Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson star in this action packed film. 

Produced by Kevin Suarez 

Breakfast Reviews: The Salesman & David Stratton: A Cinematic Life

Today Michael and Nic decide how many stars is A Cinematic Life worth and if they're buying what The Salesman is selling.


Interview - David Stratton: A Cinematic Life

David Stratton has seen over 25 thousand films, and reviewed most of them.

One of his first reviews was of an Australian film called The Overlanders, which he wrote as a 7 year old on 1946.

He's still got that review in his filing cabinet at home!

The Overlanders inspired David to visit Australia in 1963.

Of course, he never left, and he kept on writing reviews...

David Stratton is speaking here with 2SER's Michael Jones about his Cinematic Life.

David Stratton

Skinford: A cool indie horror crime flick

Debuting this Sunday as part of the Monster Fest Travelling Sideshow, Skinford is horror flick with a difference. A strange mix of "Dawn of the Dead" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" the Aussie made film looks at a sinister crime world and the cocky theif Jimmy "Skinny" Skinford who's having a very, very bad day. Rani spoke with writer-director Nik Kacevski and co-writer Tess Meyer. Catch Skinford on the big screen this Sunday from 7pm at Event Cinemas.


Dead Hands Dig Deep

Dead Hands Dig Deep is a documentary about Edwin Borsheim, lead singer of the band Kettle Cadaver and the often disturbing and horrific events that have happened to him during his life and how these experiences have shaped his musical identity. 

Dead Hands Dig Deep screens at Monster Fest on Sunday March 12.

Bryce Mills spoke with Jai Love, director of the documentary to find out how the filming experience was and what he learnt from the experience. 



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