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The sweet sounds of Biscotti

SERvin' Up! - w/c February 10, 2017


Holly Throsby – After A Time
Biscotti – Like Heaven In The Movies
Brokeback Illinois River Valley Blues
Tinariwen – Elwan
Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Volume 1
Teen Daze – Themes For Dying Earth
Tobin Sprout – The Universe And Me
Obadikah –Obadikah
Dunes – Bedtime
Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood – Myths 002


Bedroom recordings these days are essentially omnipresent and done right they have their simple and immediate charms for indie pop devotees who like their melodies rough and ready with a little ingenuity that's often also slightly warped. When you get someone like Carla Ori – otherwise known as Melbourne's Biscotti – making a fantasy world from the 4-track, you're really in for a treat. Biscotti's debut album is titled Like Heaven In The Movies, and that's a big hint at her headspace on this record, creating her own pop world with giddiness and glee where some cracking DIY guitar numbers can happily sit alongside a mirthful mash-up of dub, disco, synth-pop and more than just a streak of spaghetti western soundtracks. It's a lot of fun but seriously good, too.

Brokeback, the fab project for Chicago's Douglas McCombs is now two decades in and back with a new album, Illinois River Valley Blues. It's as evocative and widescreen as you might expect from someone whose main gig is in Tortoise and also deeply personal in tracing around memories of growing up along the Illinois River spaning Peoria and Chicago. It's a sweet example of the kind of Americana fostered by the likes of Calexico, conjuring the eclectic sense of possibility from the country's open spaces with a kind of Western feel, elastic swing and cinematic Lynchian-style mood.

Last week we spoke about the immense amount of music being made in Africa and its incredible diversity as exposed through the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog and label. Honest Jon's is another label (co-run by one Damon Albarn) delving deep into this territory and now releasing the self-titled album from long-running Lagos, Nigeria outfit Obadikah. Obidikah have spiritual leanings and are essentially a group of friends who mostly perform in Baptist churches but you need not be in tow to any God to fully immerse yourself in their sound. They have an earth, rootsy take on the traditional brass band set-up with bubbling Afro-rhythms and easy-rolling jazz sensibilities with a tempo and feel akin to classic reggae.

Also this week, more new local tunes from Sydneysiders Gang of Youths, NSW coastal resident Brightness, Brisbane's Tom Cooney and Bendigo's Fountaineer plus an international crew featuring Mac De Marco, Jens Lekman and exciting electronic newcomer Sameed.

Enjoy it all on 2SER,


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